My Year at a Glance


About Me

I am 16 years old and I have my goals set high. I do my best to be the best at anything I do. My life is simple with my family and friends by my side, they are my motivaters in everything I do. Sports are a big part of my life and without them I think my life would be boring. Nobody lives a perfect life but I would be lying if I said my life isnt great. I live life to the fullest and live it through a bible verse. Psalms 18:39, You armed me with strength for battle; you humbled my adversaries before me. The verse means that God has given me the tools to do anything i want but its my job to utilize them and actually achieve my goals.

Year at a Glance

So far my year has been great except for sitting out of sports this year, but the classes I decided to take have really helped me out for my future. I have become less shy and have met a lot of new people. This year definatley beats out all the others because of new eperiences and more challenges that have been put on me. Being out of sports has helped me focus more on school work but has decreased my athleticism, but the year isnt over so i still have time to get back to where i was and be even better.

Dream Vacation

My dream vacation is to be around my friends and family and train myself for the upcoming sports season. To me it doesnt really matter where I would go, home is perfectly fine with me. Being with your friends and family there is no greater feeling than being around the people you love and can have a great time with. Vacation is all about having fun and to me being with friends and family is fun and beats out anything.

Advice for Students

My advice would be to show up to class ready to learn because right as soon as you think its easy it will get diffficult. Dont be a distraction to others and make sure youare staying focused and on task. Most of all respect your teachers because they are helping so you can have a bright future. Never give up when it gets tough just askthe teacher or a friend and do what you can to get te best grades posible. When the teacher says study they actually mean study because they will test you and it wont always be easy.