Jackie Robinson

The Things He Overcame!

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Jackie Robinson was born on January 31,1919 in Cairo Georgia, United States. When he was going into high school he moved to Pasadena California. He excelled in 5 different sports and really excelled in basketball, baseball, and football.


While Jackie Robinson went into pro baseball, he went to a black person league. Then the Brooklyn Dodgers wanted to change it up and it changed the world. They made a spot for Jackie Robinson and put him on the team. This changed everything because colored were not supposed to be playing with whites.
Mini Bio: Jackie Robinson


Jackie Robinson was a wonderful athlete but everyone wanted him gone. The crowds would boo and the players on other teams would trash talk him. The refs would be unfair to him and be mean to him. One time a coaches from the other team kept yelling out bad things to him and he ended up slamming his bat inside to walk out tunnel. All of these unfair incidents made his team made and they stood up for each other.


He had to cool his anger a lot because he could get very frustrated, expesally when half a ball park that is your teams boos you and wants you to go back to the black baseball league. He has to restrain because if he fights back he will be put in jail or shot on the spot and possibly could be hung.