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Helping your child get ready for school

Dear Parent,

You are invited to attend the transition meeting to be held at our school on December 8 at 11:30 a.m. A transition meeting is an opportunity for parents, practitioners and other people who have been involved with a child during their early years, to meet with school staff and discuss the best possible ways to help support the student transitioning into school from preschool.


  • To share information about the child, their strengths and areas of need
  • To share information about what is already in place for the child and has been working in the early years setting and at home
  • To discuss continuing support for the child in the school setting
  • To give parents the chance to raise any specific concerns or worries they have about their child’s needs in relation to starting school
  • To plan how a child’s transition into school will be supported and managed effectively
  • To establish roles and responsibilities, what type of action will be undertaken, by whom and when.

What or Who is available to assist with the transition

  • the student, family members, and the students support network;

  • one of the students teachers and other school support persons; and

  • representatives of organizations that will be providing support after the student leaves school

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This is how Kimès transition plan can be divided over a period of a year:

  • develop transition team made up of parents, preschool or pre-K teacher, student support teacher, school therapists and principal(January)

  • hold meeting to begin creating a transition plan. discuss needs for classroom support(February)

  • Kindergarten teacher and the schoolès therapist watch Kim at preschool(March)

  • kindergarten teacher, school therapist, and the learning support teacher attend conference on physical disability to learn teaching strategies to use in kindergarten(April)

  • kindergarten registration - (May)

  • discussions on how classroom supports will be used, transportation is organized, parent arranges classroom visit with the principal(June)

  • Kim attends kindergarten, team feels the plan is working and see progress(September).

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The main idea is to create a transition plan for Kim so that it caters the needs of Kim taking into account her strengths. The transition plan can only be successful if there is collaboration amongst the parents, members of the students support network(preschool) and the school staff. Designing and implementation of the plan will help Kim achieve SUCCESS in the future.

Hope to see you at the meeting!!!

Thank you,

Himani Parikh

Pine Point Public School