The African Lion

Learn All About A Lion. By Sarah Shores

Lion Habits And Natural Life

  • Over the years a lion's beard turns blond to black.
  • How can you tell by a male lion and a female lion, the male has a beard.
  • Loins are the only cat family that hunt together.
  • A lions roar can be heard from many kilometers away.
  • A lion cub can eat meat until 6 weeks old.
  • A lions biggest enemies are an elephant,buffalo,and hyena.
  • Lions hunt mostly at dawn or night time.
  • Lions eat antelope,wildbeest,buffalo,harres,and birds.
  • Lions can go without water for 5 or 4 days.
  • A male lion can weigh up to 230 kg and a female can weigh up to 160 kg.

My Lion Poem

I am a lion

light brown as a yummy carmal.

I eat other animals.

I live in Africa.

I can go without water up to 4 or 5 days.

I can protect a whole group and kill animals.

I am a lion

Lions Price Of Life

A lion is worth protecting because a lion eats other animals and if the lion was extinct than an animal might even be over populated. We want the lion to live so the lion can help our world. I think we shouldn't put a lion in a zoo because they have to run free in their land where they belong. All we do is take them away from their homes and take them to a cage.We use them we don't help them and some of us need to help other animals too.We Need To Set Them FREE!!!!