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October 2014 Newsletter

Quorum Not Met, Recall Delayed 30 Days

Thanks for being patience at the last meeting. We were locked out of the gymnasium for 45 minutes, but BAPS was serving cookies. A few issues were brought up at the meeting

Members of the Sienna @ Parkside HOA Social Committee are busy planning the next social event for the community. If you have any suggestions, please feel to leave them an email at since they will be checking mail from that email now.

If you'd like to see more activities or are interested in contributing to the community, please contact Melissa Hajostek, BAPS Property Manager.

Neighborhood Watch: Crime & Safety

Neighborhood Watch

We are gracious enough for Jack Lim for taking the lead as one of our Neighborhood Watch team captains. As he works to get our regular Neighborhood Watch meetings going, please keep an eye for your neighbors and community at Sienna @ Parkside. We are notifying you of a few situations in which you may want to keep an eye out. Together as a community we can take a bite out of crime in our neighborhood.
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Please Don't Text & Drive

On Wednesday night at 9PM (September 17, 2014), Gabe was turning from Winton/Grand onto Jackson eastbound, when a woman who was texting skipped a red light and rammed the side of his car at 45 mph. His 8 month old was in the back seat in his car seat. Thank God he was ok. but he's facing possible long term back issue and his car was totaled. He's writing for two reason:

  1. To ask people not to text and drive
  2. And to ask anyone from the neighborhood who witnessed the accident to come forward with information

Click here to email Gabe.

Marijuana Smoking in the Neighborhood

There have been several complaints throughout the neighborhood about individuals smoking marijuana. Please be advised that the only way to get the Hayward Police Department to come out and investigate it, you will need to use the following terminology when calling the non-emergency line:

"Under the influence and within 1000 feet of an elementary school."

Please note that since we are between Burbank Elementary and Winton Middle School, it basically means that if you are smoking it for medicinal purposes, you will need to do indoors.

Speed Bumps

The HOA is aware of the drag racing which has been happening along MLK. Please be advised, this issue has been addressed to the city of Hayward. To better understand the situation, let us explain what has been done already:

  • MLK is a public street and is not owned by the HOA.
  • A speed study was initiated by both Taylor Morris and Sienna at Parkside HOA to the city of Hayward.
  • Hayward PD conducted a few speed studies along MLK.
  • The issues were inconclusive based on the Hayward PD's and city of Hayward's findings.


  1. Add more speed bumps along MLK.
  2. Add a gate to enclose the entire neighborhood.
  3. Add a roundabout half way down MLK.


  1. Issue #1 with adding more speed bumps has to do with the sound of ALL cars going over the speed bumps for those who live on MLK. This is not just a day complication, but those hot summer days when we all have our windows open at night days. The sound of the cars going over those bumps day/night would be more of a sound issue with those who live along MLK.
  2. Issue #2 with adding a gate to make our community a gated community has to do with cost and additional studies. We also have to have a significant number of signatures within the area to petition for it and there is still no guarantee from the city that this would happen within the next 5 years.
  3. Issue #3 with adding a roundabout, has to do with adding it AFTER the road has been constructed. It will make an inconvenience to everyone driving into the neighborhood, but it will prevent those who want to drag race.


To better entertain this, we recommend you bring it up at the next HOA meeting so we can work together on finding a solution to this problem.

Illegal Parking

Please remember to keep all of the Fire Lanes open at all times. If you need to park your car, please parking in appropriate areas along the public street. Unattended vehicle parked in red zones or parallel to garages will be towed.

Please respect the fire lanes. They are there for emergency vehicles only. If there is a fire and your vehicle is blocking a fire hydrant, any damages that occur while the fire or police department try to get to the fire hydrants will be out of your pocket.

Why Some Drivers Don't Get Out of the Way for Emergency Vehicles

Lost & Found

Found Dog

Venice from Nextdoor found this little guy trapped in the fenced area of the Water Tower Park last week.


  • Small Daschund mix
  • Tan color
  • About 10 pounds
  • Male
  • Walks well on leash
  • Potty Trained
  • Very affectionate

Please contact the Hayward Animal Shelter for details.

Be A Community Leader!

Join the Sienna @ Parkside Committee

In order to help our neighborhood, we need your help. It's impossible for only a handful of us to maintain our neighborhood. We need volunteers like you to help the community. Here are the following committees that are still open:

  • Architecture
  • Neighborhood Watch
  • Landscaping
  • Trash/Litter
  • Social


Sienna @ Parkside HOA Meeting

Tuesday, Sep. 30th, 6:30pm

Burbank Elementary School, Hayward, CA, United States

Hayward, CA

School Gymnasium

Sienna @ Parkside HOA Recall Meeting

Monday, Oct. 20th, 6:30pm

Burbank Elementary School, Hayward, CA, United States

Hayward, CA

School Gymnasium

We did not meet quorum last time. Only 51 out of 79 ballots were submitted. If this continues to stretch out again, unfortunately it means we will have to flip the bill.

This is your opportunity to ask questions to find out why. The Sienna at Parkside lawyer will be present to facilitate your questions why a recall was initiated by one of the homeowners. And to decide for yourself whether or not the recall should still happen.

Ballots which included 2 questions were mailed out to all homeowners. You can either mail them in or hand deliver them to the ballot box next Monday night.

HOA Documentation & Lender Questionaires

For all HOA documentation and lender questionnaires for a sale or refinance, please go to:

Nextdoor App

Join in our the neighborhood and download the Nextdoor App for your smartphone or tablet device. This useful tool allows everyone in the community to know when a crime incident is occurring or know what community social event is coming up. Find out more at:

Be a Community Leader!

Contact Melissa to learn how you too can Join & Support our Community!

Sienna @ Parkside HOA

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