Contact Playlist

Inspired by the novel by Carl Sagan

Overview of Playlist

This playlist is for the book Contact By Carl Sagan. The book is about Dr. Arroway and her discovery of the greater universe.

I choose mostly eighties songs because that's about the time that Arroway grew up. Specifically, songs that are like Journey's music because it works well in a background.

Song 1: Sweet Child O' Mine

By Guns N' Roses

This song would be a good intro showing the time in Arroway's life when she still had her dad. Her childhood is where the book opens and this song reflects that childhood. Before the death of her father Arroway was happy whenever she was with him. This song would enhance the readers connection with the bond between them and make it all the more tragic when he dies.


Song 2: In The Air Tonight

By Phil Collins

This song would be best for the times when Arroway is driving in the desert at night. She watched the rabbits along the road and the stars in the sky. The way this song plays will lend itself to making the drive seem less about the speed and more about the experience of the desert.


Song 3: Wheel In The Sky

By Journey

As the Scientists travel from star to star this song would be a good accompaniment. You could imagine as they look up through the clear ceiling and viewing so many stars that this song plays showing how the cosmos goes on despite what we on Earth feel is right. It helps compliment the feeling we are insignificant on a universal scale and puts it all in perspective.


Song 4: Carry On Wayward Son

By Kansas

Wayward Son is a good representation of how the ending feels. With the tragic reveal Arroway has just experienced this song seems fitting for how she feels as she reflects on her life. It's very easy to imagine this song playing as we pan away from the Earth making it seem like the song is directed to the people of Earth as well as Dr. Arroway.