GBP: Safer-at-Home

Great Beginnings Virtual Learning Models

GBP is going Virtual!!

2020 has proven to be an interesting year full of surprises, causing us to react and pivot. Not knowing what was going to happen next was exhausting!

We made the decision to go virtual for the 2020-2021 school year in order to create a consistent approach to the whole school year. Our staff and students' health, social emotional and medically speaking, was our greatest concern. Our Safer at Home distance learning models (detailed below) allow us to build relationships, create routines and maintain consistency regardless of what happens with the virus. Technology is a tool to aid us in delivering content and staying connected. The magic ingredient is our staff! We have been researching and planning how best to use these tools to build relationships and routines and we cannot wait to share what we’ve learned with you and your child!

Synchronous or Live Virtual Model

You will receive 5-7 prerecorded videos per week as well as small and large group live sessions via Zoom. Small group sessions will consist of 3-4 students and last 20-30 minutes. Small group sessions: greeting, weather/calendar or question of the day, mini lesson, song/fingerplay and closing. Large group sessions will consist of 12-14 students and last 20-30 minutes. Large group meetings: Music and Chapel class, snack time or virtual field trips.

Benefits of Synchronous Model: students and teachers are interacting and creating relationships and routines. Routines are very important for everyone’s social emotional health and growth, especially children.

A monthly activity pack is also included in our Synchronous Model. Contents will vary each month but will include art supplies, copies and materials for small group activities. Activity Packs will be picked up at GBP.

Asynchronous or Prerecorded Model

Our Asynchronous Model offers 5-7 prerecorded videos each week as well as pdf printables. The Asynchronous Model allows families to enjoy the video content when it works best for them!

Families are welcome to add a live Music and Chapel session to their learning model.


Contact us to learn more about our Safer-at-Home Virtual Learning Models!