Perfecting Mankind

Thomas Hopkins Gallaudet

Born: December 10, 1787, in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Died: September 9, 1851, in Hartford, Connecticut

Thomas Gallaudet goal was to travel to Europe and observe and study new teaching methods to help teach the people who have hearing and loss or speech disabilities. He graduated in 1805 with a degree of teaching and the University in Washington, D.C was named in commemoration of Gallaudet life and his accomplishments.

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Elizabeth Cady Stanton

Born: 1815

Died: 1902

Elizabeth achieve Humanities and had her education in New York and attended at Johnstown Academy, Troy Female Seminary. She became marry with Henry Stanton and their honeymoon was a journey to Anti-Slavery Conventions. Stanton was one of the founding geniuses of the women's fight movement and she use her brilliance, insightfulness, and eloquence to advocate important issues and she was one of the first women's rights activists.

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Robert Owen

Born: 1771

Died: 1858

Owen was sent to London to be apprentice as a draper and in his early twenties he became a successful manager in the mills of Manchester. By his mid-20 he become a partner manager of a large cotton mill at New Lanark on the River Clyde. After he became successful being a manager he improve factory and village and built schools and provide quality goods at a fair price. Owens fairness and social progress remains a source of inspiration for people today.

Source: http://robert-owen-museum.org.uk/

Elihu Burritt

Born: December 1810, in New Britain, Connecticut

Died: 1897

At the age of 17 he became a apprentice blacksmith and he taught himself over 50 language and earning himself the moniker "the Learned Blacksmith." In 1846 on his way back to England he formed the League of Universal Brotherhood and it was one of the most active pacifist organizations in the 19th century. Through out his life he began to improve human condition and this gave inspiration to others to do the same.

Source: http://connecticuthistory.org/elihu-burritt-born-today-in-history/

William Lloyd Garrison

Born: December 10, 1805

Died: May 24, 1879

Garrison invented abolitionist paper, The Liberator and he help form the England Antislavery Society when the civil war broke out.He argue that Free states and slaves states should in fact be seperated and he was against Texas and strongly objected the Mexicans. By 1865 when Garrison saw his last dream come true with the 13th admendment that slavery was outlawed through the united states.

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Dr. Sylvester Graham

Born: 1794

Died: 1851

Graham was known for his invention for inventing the graham crackers and was from a line of clergyman-physicians and he was born in the West Suffield. He studied language at the Amherst College and he began preaching for the Presbyterian churc. He then later became intrested in human physiology and nutrition and started the give lectures and he developed what came to be known as the Graham System.

Source: http://suffield-library.org/localhistory/graham.htm

Dorothea Dix

Born: April 4, 1802

Died: July 17, 1887

Dix accomplished many things in her life such as being a teacher and then becomming a social reformer for the treatment of the mentally ill people. She was the first chile to be born out of the three and she was also describe as the most effective advocate of humanitarian reform in American. Dix was always inconspicuous with her work and did not place her name on most of her publications and refuse to have hospital named after her.

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Horace Mann

Born: 1796

Died: 1859

Mann was often call the Father of the Common School and then he began his career as a lawyer and legislator. Mann was influenced in the development of teacher of schools and the attempts to professionalize teaching and he was not the first to propose teacher training institutes. He was also recognize as the corps of teachers of new Common Schools were most likely to be women and he argue forcefullyand this was all of Mann determination to create a system of effective, secular, unerversal education in United states.

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