"Be nice of get smashed!"

My Super Suit

Smash has red and blue cap, a black mask on covering his identity, silky blue long sleeve shirt with a red pair of fists in the middle, red tight long pants with one blue strip down the side of the leg, and high top military addition black boots.

Super Powers

- Super hearing

- Super sight

- Super strength

- Talk in any language

- Act dead

- Dream the future

- Super balance

- Able to not drink or eat for days

How my brain works with my powers

- Temporal Lobe gives me the power of super hearing because it controls my hearing ability.

- Occipital Lobe gives me the power of super sight because it controls me to seeing things.

- Motor cortex gives me my super strength because it is in my frontal lobe which controls all my muscles.

- Broca's Area lets me talk in all languages because its the speaking part of the brain that lets me talk.

- Medulla gives me the power to act dead because it controls how fast my heart beats and how well i am breathing.

- Pons lets me dreaming the future because it plays a key role in sleep and dreaming from the cortex and the cerebellum.

- Cerebellum helps give me amazing balance because it is my "little brain" which helps with voluntary movements and balance.

- Hypothalamus helps me to not have to eat or drink for days because it is in charge of all the regulating that goes along with it in are pituitary glands.

Superhero Plot

The terrorist group ISIS is going to launch missiles to destroy the United States today. We need someone to smash and destroy the missiles so that everyone is safe. Who can help us? I know who, the SMASH!

By: Nick McLean