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August 2015

Back 2 School?

Happy Summer Everyone! I am trying to believe that summer isn't over! It isn't, is it? I wonder how it is for those of you that don't have school aged kids? I suspect that even if you don't have kids you end up in the same circle of life that the retailers and the government have carved out for us. Here in Texas ,that means back to school starts NOW. Even if your start date is a couple of weeks away. Now is when all the back to school meeting start, tax free shopping weekend, and school supply and clothing and my case curriculum purchases. My boys will start back to a school routine Monday! It is super hot so we will do some structured learning now so that in October when it is b e a u t I f u l, we will have plenty of time for unstructured learning where we can be outdoors and not have to watch a clock. I hope you are squeezing all the time you can out of August, hitting the pool when you can, making it to a water park, floating down a river or whatever you do to enjoy the heat.

This month I have decided to share with you my dōTERRA shopping list for the month. I have my LRP set up each month to spend at least 125 pv before the 15th of the month. This gives me the free product of the month, qualifies me to earn commission and I get 30% back in points to spend and all of my shipping cost back in points. What do I need to shop for this early August? Read on!

Verage Skin Care

First up I am buying the entire Verage Skin Care kit. It has been almost a year since I purchased the kit when it first came out. I admit I am not a regimented as I should be on using my products but when I use the entire system I LOVE it. I mean, really love it. My skin feels and looks better and I don't have to worry about what I am putting on my body. Total cost for the Verage Skin Care Kit at my wholesale price $84.50 - 70 pv which means 21 points back to spend later! Watch the video below to learn about Verage.
Discover the All-Natural & Effective Veráge Skin Care Line

On Guard Beadlets

Getting ready for back to school even when you home school means more crowds and more need to boost immunity. On Guard Beadlets are perfect for my family because I feel like they are just the right amount for my boys at home and while on the go, and to boost our family's immunity. My wholesale cost $15, 15 pv - 4.5 pv earned to spend later.
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Salon Essentials Hair Care

For my boys I buy the purest soap I can find. We buy Dr. Bonners Baby Mild Castille Liquid Soap with no scent for them to bathe and wash their hair but for myself I love doTERRA's Salon Essentials Hair Care Set, and everyone I know it loves it too! Cost for the set $28.00 - 23 pv - 6.9 pv back to spend later.
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I use this ointment to soothe, protect and restore. I have used it this summer on days I got too much sun and having two little boys you can imagine all the uses for ointment I have. the small tube last a very long time but I like one upstairs, downstairs and in my purse! Check out the oils in this Frankinscense, Helichrysum, Melalueca, Cedarwood, and Lavender! Do so research on those! Cost $12 - 10 pv, 3 pv to spend later.

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You guys may have heard me say that this is life changing! It helps manage the symptoms of PMS and balance hormones, it provides temporary respite from cramps and emotional swings! I don't let this one run out. This is also the oil I misplace the most because I tend to carry it with me. It wouldn't be a bad thing for me to have two on hand. $24.50 - 24.50 pv and 7.2 pv to spend later
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Total Spent

Total 164.00 + shipping which is $7.00 = $171- Total PV = - Total Points earned for future purchases = 49.75 points (including shipping points.) Plus a free 5 ml BREATHE! I may add more oils to this order! If I do I will just shop with points. Points = a full dollar when I shop for oils so a $10 lemon is 10 points and my shipping cost stays the same! The minimum required LRP order to earn a % back is 50 pv and there is no minimum on LRP to get your full shipping back in points. QUESTIONS? Ask me!
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Need Back to School Teacher gift ideas?

Join our class on Aug 4 or order ready made gifts from dōTERRA! The peppermint, orange lip balm is awesome at only $4.00! Citrus Bliss Bath Bar, it is the Invigorating Blend, what teacher or Sunday school teacher would need that? Throw in a Citrus Bliss hand lotion for your favorite teacher. Teachers are also starting to be in the know about oils so a simple bottle of Wild Orange or Lemon Oil would likely make most teachers smile. There a few teachers in our group? Tell us what you love receiving?

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Book a class in September, get at least 4 newbies* there and I will gift you a Verage Skin Care Kit! First three people that email me with a date and time will receive this super special gift!

*A newbie is anyone that hasn't enrolled with a dōTERRA wholesale account yet!