The Aztec Empire

By Niko Schmieder

Aztec Religion

The Aztec were polytheistic ( Worship or praise of more than one god). Some of the gods they worshipped were the sun and rain god. The Aztec would use humans to sacrifice to the many gods that they had. They believed that a blood sacrifice to the gods would keep the world in balance. The Aztec would slash open the human and take the still beating heart in hand.

Aztec Society

The Aztec social structure was based on an upper and lower class. At the top of the list was the emperor or a high priest. Under the emperor is the council. The council are often made up of the royal family. The third party on the structure are the nobles. The nobles are usually the emperor sons. the 4th party was the artisans or the merchants. The last step are the farmers and the slaves

Aztec Locaton

What made the Aztec So powerful?

The Aztec had a very big empire and they were very powerful. The Aztec were very powerful because of 3 main words War, Tribute, and Trade. The Aztec traded through the empire to others because on region might not have the same supplies as the other. Also, the Aztec Conquered many cities around them expanding their empire to the fullest. Finally, the Aztec had many blood tributes to the gods. They beloved that blood was the symbol of life and they had to give their life to the gods.

The Aztec fall

In 1519 Hernan Cortes (leader of the Spanish conquistadors) Arrived in The capital city of the Aztec empire, Tenochtitlan. When Cortes arrived the emperor greeted him with many riches. What the Aztec believed was that Cortes was Quetzalcoatl because Cortes was a light skinned would return in the Aztec legend. Cortes took advantage of that and had killed many of the thousands of Aztec people. Lack of weaponry and disease was in cortes's favor. Cortes had canons and guns to defeat the Aztec because the Aztecs only had blowguns and wooden spears. At last the Aztec were defeated and he end of the empire was in 1521.