United States of America

Specifics and Responsibilities

*Two from each state

*100 Members

*6 Year terms

*1/3 of members up for elections every 2 years

*Confirm Nominations

*Elected at Large

*Ratify Treaties

*If one dies or resigns state legislature may authorize the governor to appoint someone

Leadership Positions

Vice President: President of the Senate, May not take part in the debates/votes

President Pro Tempre: elected by Senate, leader in absence of Vice President

Majority: Steer party's bill through, comes from the party that has the most

Minority: Develops criticism of majority party's bill, comes from the party that has the least

Whips and Assistant Whips: Assist minority and majority leaders

Qualifications and Benefits

*Must be at least 30 years old

*Citizens of US for 9 years

*Legal residents of state that elects them

*Set own salaries

*Stationary, postal, medical clinic, and gymnasium benefits

*Large Allowances

*Income tax deductions

*$150,000 or more Retirement Pension

*Free from Arrest during Congress Sessions

*May refuse seat an elected member

*Punish its own members