Ally Carter

"Life is classified. So much always goes unsaid." - Ally

Biographical Information:

Ally Carter is an author of young-adult fiction, adult fiction, and teen fiction novels. She was born and raised in Oklahoma. She attended Oklahoma State and Cornell University. She graduated and worked in the agriculture industry, until she decided to make writing her career.

In an interview, she tells that she got her inspiration for her Gallagher Girl series by misunderstanding a TV show she was watching. But the idea of an all girls spy boarding school sparked a great idea that turned into one of the best series she has written so far. In another interview, she simply says she writes most of her books with a teenage girl mindset, thinking about what she dreamed to do when she was younger. Right now she is working on the third book of the Embassy Row series.

Carter says her favorite thing about writing is, "getting to work in my pajamas-- and that is pretty great. But the truth is probably that there's no better feeling than talking to a young person who has read and enjoyed something that I created."

Ally Carter wants to inspire younger readers and help them to follow their dreams.

"Not knowing you can't do something, is sometimes all it takes to do it." - Ally Carter

Ally Carter Interview:

Ally Carter Interview

Bibliographical Information:

Ally Carter has written about 15 books. The targeted audience is for the most part young adult and teen fiction, she has a few adult fiction novels. Her genre is adventure, mystery, and suspense. Most of her writing is targeted towards teenage girls. Her series are based on crime, spying, and heist. The main character is typically a teenage girl who is brave and courageous.

Other Books

  1. Cheating at Solitaire (2005)
  2. Learning to Play Gin (2006)
  3. Double Crossed (2013)

~Ally Carter Fans~

  • "I know she probably hears this all the time but Ally is an amazing writer and the books are great. Just finished All Fall Down. Went to get it as soon as I found out that she had started a new series. I did read the 1st book of Perfect Scoundrels and want to find others. Have read all the Gallagher Girls books and hope that they will make at least the 1st into a movie. I am 43 years old and not afraid to admit that. Her books appeal to all ages."

  • "I read all your books and I really really really love the way you wrote your storied, it captivated me and your truly a good author, and I would really love to see your book made into a motion picture!!"

  • "I really, really, really LOVE YOUR BOOKS. Sometimes I imagine myself being one of the Gallagher Girls or else, become a super awesome thief (I know, crazy right?) HAHA! All I wanted to say is, Thank You.. for writing such AWESOME Stories! GOD BLESS YOU ALWAYS."

Analysis of Author's Craft:

Ally Carter was a screenwriter before she was an author. Therefore she uses a "storyboard" approach when writing her novels. The result of this is quite an action packed, suspenseful, imaginable twist on all of her books. Almost every book she writes I can see being a two thumbs up movie. Schmoop book reviews writes,

"And every few pages, a mysterious voice says something mysterious like, 'Actually, it's just the beginning' (1.81), or "Hello Katarina' (4.74). Lightning strikes, snow falls, church bells ring, and jets take off, too. So you have no choice but to follow Carter's characters on their grand adventures, or be left behind." based on Ally's Heist Society series.

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