February Newsletter

Gamma Lambda

Rush Week - Alumni Night

Rush week consisted of various events throughout the week. This semester's theme was board games and each member of the committee was to incorporate a game in their event.

The theme for Alumni Night was based off a game titled Identity, where participants have to match up people based on a word bank that they are given. " We knew the game would be a challenge because it would require Alumni to turn in a list of attributes prior to coming to the event. In the end we improvised a lot and had a great turn out," said Brother Mancilla.

In total we had about five prospects, ten members, and about 12 alumni brothers at the event. It was one of our most attended events at Rush Week. Thank you to everyone who were there!

The chapter started out with 12 pledges and now have 8 who potentially will head over to Mid Honor court. Mid Honor court is this Saturday, March 15th at 9am in Science 2 Room 206, 208, 209.

Eventful weekend

An astounding 34 brothers out of 43 members from the Gamma Lambda Chapter attended PBLI on Feb 22-23. The Brothers attended all kinds of seminars, two of which was hosted by our wonderful faculty advisor, Laurie Taylor-Hamm. Professor Taylor-Hamm's workshops focused on communication skill-building and techniques.

Other sessions focused on building networks, how to impress to dress, and acquiring internships. Overall, it was a great weekend and thank you to the Alumni who joined us.

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Brother's Circle

This month we are proud to say that two brothers are going to start a new journey during their last semester at Fresno State! Huge congrats are in order for Brother D’Souza and Brother Mulville! Brother Mulville is starting an internship at Small Business Administration and Brother D’Souza will be starting an internship at E J Gallo as a finance/accounting intern.Brother D'Souza is also nominated for the dean's medalist for the Craig School of Business. Brother Washington was also offered a full-time position by Schneider Electric.

Alumni Spotlight- Derek Newman

Derek Newman was promoted late last year to Department Manager for the Kings County District Attorney's Office. It is there that he coordinates between several local and federal law enforcement agencies and multiple attorneys ensuring the successful prosecution of criminal cases. He is the youngest Department Manager at the DA's office and has already been given to the task to work with head managers about streamlining the training and designing new curriculum for the entire office. He recently celebrated a very big win regarding an 8 month long Jury Trial resulting in an all guilty verdict by jury on multiple counts." I can say that i absolutely love the work that I do and there is no greater feeling than putting away criminals and protecting society,” Derek said.

He has also just completed his studies in Homeland Security concepts from the Naval Postgraduate School's: Center for Defense and Homeland Security. It was there he learned the most recent tactics and strategies that are being used to combat terrorist organizations around the globe. He has studied curriculum designed by members of the intelligence community, Federal law enforcement agencies and also all branches of the U.S. and British Military.

To top it off, Derek has recently taken a position on the Regional Management Team for Alpha Kappa Psi Professional Business Fraternity. He now serves as the Risk Management Manager for the entire Southwest Region which includes 30 colonies/chapters and 4 alumni chapters. He oversees all Risk Management operations within the region and also serves on the Judicial Review board and investigation committees if needed. Also, he has just been informed that he will continue this position for the new Central Pacific Region that is being formed.” I think this is a great honor to be working with Alpha Kappa Psi at the regional level. It has enabled me to meet many of the shakers and movers in this fraternity. "I am excited to see the fraternity progress and feel very honored to have a role in shaping its future,” he said.

Pledge Information

Lorkiatong Vang

  • Attended Seoul National University
  • Enjoys Music such as Ides of March
  • Enjoys Games such as Street Fighter
  • Enjoys anime shows

Samantha Rogers

  • Really likes Vikings and their history
  • Enjoys Japanese pop music
  • Recently taken an interest in renaissance fair
  • Enjoys drawing

Daniel Torres

  • Enjoys Sports such as golf and football
  • Enjoys all types of music
  • Loves to Dance
  • Studied abroad in London

Andrea Hernandez

  • Born in Anchorage, Alaska
  • Enjoys playing in Sports
  • Favorite animal is a Loin
  • Would love to travel the world

Jessica Delgado

  • Loves to read
  • A San Francisco Giants fan
  • Loves sports
  • Enjoys going out to the movies

Tyler Ng

  • Enjoys writing fiction stories
  • Loves Winter sports
  • Studied in Cambridge
  • Favorite food is clam chowder

Mireya Pantoja

  • Is Bilingual: English and Spanish
  • Born in Sinaloa, Mexico
  • Favorite animal is a Giraffe
  • Loves the beach, country, and mountains

Upcoming Events

Mid Honor court : March 15th from 9am-? Science 2 Room 206,208,209

High Honor court: April 6th from 9 am. Location to be determined

Vintage Days: April 25-27th. Gamma Lambda will be selling chicken sandwiches in Boomtown South

Walk for Autism: May 3rd. Location and time to be determined

Yellow Rose Banquet: May 10th at 6pm . Location to be determined. Please let Brother Mancilla know if you will be attending. Contact her via phone or email.

Help Brother Mancilla Break the World Record for "Longest Chain of Shoes"

Saturday, April 26th, 5-7pm

5241 N Maple Ave

Fresno, CA

Hello Brothers, this is my final marketing project and I have coordinated a team to break this record at Vintage Days. Please help me reach my goal by donating gently used or new shoes. My personal goal is to reach 1,000 pairs by March 21st.

Note: SoleTrain is a team created by Fresno State Marketing Students aimed at collecting over 12,500 gently used and new shoes to donate to local community based organizations in Fresno County and other parts of the world. This project was created in collaboration of attempting to break the world record for the "longest chain of shoes". Breaking of the World Record will be attempted at Fresno State's 40th celebration of Vintage Days April 26th, 2014.


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