1. a dash of Harriet Tubman

2. a sprinkle of Abe Lincoln

3. 3 slices of John Brown

4. a healthy dosage of Uncle Tom/s Cabin

5. a few shavings of Dred Scott decision

6. a pinch of The Bombing Of Fort Sumter

7. a chunk of slavery

8. a few dashes of the Missouri compromise

9. Love

Steps for Success

1. To start this zesty dish add your chunks of slavery to a mid sized strainer and let that heat on high for 3 minutes at 275 degrees.

2. Add your dashes of Missouri compromise to you strainer and shake until it is fully zesty. 3. Add your slices of John Brown to the dish and marinate with a few tender shoves to help mix.

4. Now, add the shavings of the Dred Scott Decision to the mix. Now that you have a growing issue, let it sit for 5-10 minutes.

5. Put your dash of Harriet Tubman into the mix and stir until solid.

6. To give your dish some more zest, add a healthy dosage of Uncle Tom's Cabin. To give your dish some life put, in oven for an additional 5 minutes on 375 degrees.

7. Almost done-- add your sprinkle of Abe Lincoln to the top of your dish for a nice crunch.

8. To finish it off, heat things up with The Bombing of Fort Sumter.

9. Add some love, serve and enjoy.