Opening Day Reminders

Monday, September 7

Message from Principal Stewart

Welcome back everyone! We are almost there. Take a deep breath and enjoy this last day before we get going again. Tomorrow we will be back in the swing of things and we expect everything to run smoothly. If you have any concerns, no worries. Contact us or me immediately and we will get anything corrected. Contact information and people are listed at the end of this newsletter.

Virtual First Day Packet

Please help us if you have not yet completed the virtual First Day packet. A link is below.

Dear Parents and Students

We are ready to start tomorrow and looking forward to reconnecting with the students and community. Below are some links to important news about this year.

When can I meet the teachers?

6th Grade Teacher Videos

7th Grade Teacher Videos

8th Grade Teacher Videos

What does my child do the morning of the first day? Click here for a video with instructions from our assistant principals.

What do we do with attendance issues this week?

Call our school to report absences or email

Bell Schedule

  • Classes run Tuesday to Friday
  • All students report to Advisory each morning (T to F) from 8:35 AM to 8:55 AM
  • Then there are FOUR blocks per day for 82 minutes each
  • In general, each block meets for a total of 82 minutes
  • The first 41 minutes is called synchronous learning
  • That same block continues to meet for another 41 minutes in what LCPS calls a Learning Lab
  • Synchronous Learning (SL), Learning Lab (LL), and an "exception" are explained below
  • The bell schedule is also available here

School Terms Explained

Synchronous Lab -This is the direct instruction and connection between the teacher and students. It is scheduled for 41 minutes and is immediately followed by the learning lab.

Learning Lab - During Learning Lab time, students will receive small group, synchronous instruction during the specified block. The learning lab is a time during which students would be working on that particular subject, and the teacher would pull small groups of students from the class together for synchronous instruction at that time and be available to help remediate, enrich, and challenge them. This occurs in the second 41 minute section of each 82 minute block.

One Exception - for parents of students in Music 6, Music 7, Art 7 and Spectrum 6 and 7...

As you know from our bell schedule, most classes operate on a 41-minute Synchronous Learning (SL) time followed by a 41-minute Learning Lab (LL) time. There is an exception that is important to be aware of and although the teachers will be going over this during class time, please talk about it with your children. If, after reading the link, you aren't sure what to do, please contact the dean or counselor for your grade level.

Link here for specifics.

Who do i contact with questions?

6th Grade:, dean, counselor

7th Grade:, dean, counselor

8th Grade:, dean, counselor

Attendance Questions:, registrar and attendance secretary

Any Other Questions:, principal, assistant principal (assessment), assistant principal (special education)