The Diary of Anne Frank

Anne Frank


The Diary of Anne Frank is a book of Anne's diary. When she was 13, she started writing in a diary she named Kitty. Not too long after she started recording about her life, her dad told her the news that they are moving. But not just moving, going into hiding. Since her family was Jewish, it became unsafe for them, so Anne, Margot (her sister), and parents moved into an abandoned office, which they will now call home. The Franks are not the only ones that have went into hiding. The Van Daans, move in also. Now they have seven people living there with them. They don't all get along and a lot of the times they get into arguments. One thing they do keep in mind is that they need to stay quiet most of the time so that the neighbors and other people will not know that someone is actually living there. Both families rely on people that are not in hiding to bring them food and other necessities.

Since they cannot leave their hiding place, there were people who brought books for them for entertainment. Anne's interests that she described are Greek and Roman mythology, family trees, and foreign languages. As time goes on, things in the outside world began to change. Now things cost a lot more and it is harder and harder to get food. Clothing becomes small on some, and just very old on everyone. Even though they are having a hard time, someone else joins them in hiding. Now they have 8 people in the small office to share space with. By their second, Anne starts to talk more and more about Peter the son of the Van Daans. It seems like she has a crush on him, but she does not say anything too specific. During this time, they start to hear planes and gunfire. Her diary does end with a normal entry, nothing that says if they survived in their hiding or not.

Surprising facts and who will like the book.

1. The Jews were not allowed to be outside after 8 o'clock in the evening.

2. Most were in hiding for years to avoid being killed or sent to concentration camps.

3. Jewish people were not allowed to drive cars and had to give away their bikes.

Someone who likes historical fiction might enjoy this book, but also people who like nonfiction.

Rating and Genre

Rating: 3/5

Genre: Nonfiction