The Wildcat Weekly


2015-2016 Enrollment & Staffing Projections

Note: That that while the number of sections at some grade levels has changed, the overall staffing of the school has not changed.


  • Team Meetings resume on Monday (except for 4th grade).
  • 4th Grade will be taking the Science PSSA Monday & Tuesday morning.
  • 2nd & 4th Grade special area schedules are flipped for Monday & Tuesday.
  • Small group PSSA testing will be taking place in 4th grade classrooms, Joyce's office, Lori's office, Kellie's office, my office and room 109.
  • When a student is being picked up early, please wait until the office calls for the student.


The air conditioning will be turned on May 15!

SHOUT OUT from Chris

I would like to give a big shout out to John Sands for helping with the door duty during PSSA testing and for gathering the snacks and drinks each day. This has been such a big help to both Kathy and me because we all know how hectic the office is first thing in the morning. John is a great team player and I appreciate him greatly for that!

You Rock Because . . .

  • This week Kate, Susie, Lori, and Lisa attended the Wednesday night PTO meeting!
  • For the past two weeks, Jeanne, Ann, Lynne, Karen, Patti, Pete, Julie Nancy, Kelly, and Sue C. have helped proctor the PSSA!