"Tech Times" Newsletter

Volume 3, Issue 6 (February 2015)

"The Strategy, Not The Tool"

There are thousands of excellent technology tools that we can use in our classroom including presentation tools, formative assessments, collaboration tools, and so much more.

As you are planning to use these tools, you want to focus on "the strategy, not the tool". The technology tool is just an avenue you use to get the result that you wish. Aside from the tool itself, It is more important to focus on how it relates to the curriculum, the strategies of getting the students engaged such as collaboration, the focus of the assignment, the process the students are going through, and so much more.

"Web 2.0 Tool of the Month" - EDPuzzle

EDPuzzle is a new website that allows you to upload your own video lessons and make them interactive through formative assessments to gauge their comprehension. It is a great tool that easily allows you to add your voice, crop your video, and even utilize videos on other websites such as YouTube. You can even add it simply into Schoology!

EDPuzzle allows you to add classes so that you can check on the progress of your students and see their responses to the questions. Using EDPuzzle can enhance any traditional lesson and provide you with valuable feedback.

Get started by going to EDPuzzle to create your FREE account and check out the short video below!

Demo Edpuzzle

Quick Schoology Tip!!

Want to easily sync Schoology assignments with your PowerSchool gradebook? All you need to do is put your assignments, grades, etc. into Schoology first, then you can "Sync" your grades utilizing the PowerSchool app in each of your courses.

This is a great feature because it allows your students/parents to view their grades in both Schoology and PowerSchool, while still only entering them in one central place! It allows you to do the same things in Schoology (except assigning standards) and even allows you to enter comments.

Contact me if you need any help, would like me to be involved in any projects/activities you have coming up, if you want assistance incorporating some of these new tools into your lessons, or if you just want to meet with me. Just let me know!