Air Pollution

The issues in the world and what you can do to help

What is air pollution like around the world?

In the United States, the air quality has been getting better since the 1990's, but there are still many problems facing us, such as smog. But in California, there are more people than anywhere else in the U.S. that have lung issues. Kevin Hamilton, a respiratory therapist for Clinica Sierra Vista, says that more kids have had to be put on steroids, and the very same kids cannot participate in sports, and are more likely to develop heart disease at a younger age. But in China, air pollution is so bad that people never ride bikes anymore.

How does it affect health?

Air pollution is a major trigger for people with asthma. But you can help with this by making sure the air filter in your home is regularly replaced to keep the air clean. Outdoor pollution such as smog can also wreak havoc on anybody, so make sure to pay attention to your Air Quality Index when deciding to go outside. Be careful, because fires are also a source of pollution, and it is very bad for you to inhale smoke.

How can I help prevent air pollution, and how can I be an advocate for the air?

You can do simple things, such as limit your electrical and power usage at home. When you do that, factories have to burn less coal to provide electricity, which reduces emissions. You can also drive a fuel efficient car, and when you are on trips, bring less stuff to provide better gas mileage. Recycling is a good way to help also, because recycling items uses less energy than throwing things in the garbage. One other thing you can do is use reusable grocery bags, to prevent plastic bags from going in the trash.