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August Update 2020

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On behalf of the entire staff, WELCOME BACK to all of our students and families and a warm welcome to families who are new to our school community! We look forward to working closely with you to ensure you have a successful and rewarding year at Elginburg and District Public School.

Positive partnerships between home and school are key to ensuring student success, therefore, we will communicate regularly with you through Monthly Newsletters, Twitter, our website and various classroom communication tools such as notes in the agenda, blogs or newsletters. Our calendar of events can be found at the bottom of each newsletter. Please follow us on Twitter as I will be showcasing the amazing things going on in our school on a regular basis.

Once school starts, we encourage you to contact your child's teacher or the front office staff at any time should you have questions or concerns.

Our dedicated staff have been hard at work this summer cleaning, setting up classrooms, organizing resources and preparing challenging learning opportunities. We are ready and excited for another school year to begin!

A special thank you to our custodial staff, Rob Harding and Colleen Schonauer who did a fantastic job during summer clean up. Our school sparkles and was disinfected beyond ministry standards!

As well, a huge thank you to our office coordinator, Mrs. McLean (Cheryl) for keeping us all organized and helping us prepare for the September start up.

I am thrilled to be back at this amazing school for a second year. I love working with such a dedicated, caring staff and I am overwhelmed by the parent support shown at Elginburg. I look forward to seeing everyone after this long, long 6 months that kept us apart! Even though things will look a bit different, nothing else will change! This is a kind, caring, hard working school community and we will pull together throughout the months to come.

Back by popular demand, our Character Education focus for the year will be based on the quote: "In a world where you can be anything, be kind!" Our classroom conversations and responses to discipline will be based on kindness and how it shapes our world.

You will be receiving a lot of important information from the school and school board over the next few weeks. Please don't get overwhelmed with all the information. Our staff are here to put safe protocols in place and we will keep you informed.

I thank you for your continued support and hope your family is coping well with our new world. Please call or email with any questions or concerns,

Your Lead Learner/Principal - Mrs. Martha Duncan



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Communication from LDSB

I am pleased to be able to send you the first of many school communications in relation to return to school planning. We have spent much of the summer planning for our safe and successful return and adjusting plans based on new Ministry and Public Health information. The Limestone District School Board has now released a number of important information documents that will guide our planning and preparations. I have included an important link below for your ease of access to these documents and I encourage you to review this information thoroughly and regularly.


Back to School Suggestions

Many families have inquired about how best to prepare their children for a positive return to school. Here are a few suggestions:

Positive Messaging - Children will be looking to adults to determine how they should react to situations, to provide reassurance and to answer questions/concerns they may have. Do your best to share positive messaging about the challenges ahead and be mindful about what personal worries and concerns you share.

Begin Practicing: Begin or continue to practice mask wearing and physical distancing in the community and in social gatherings. Students will need time to become accustomed to these protocols and will need to develop stamina for wearing a mask. Continue to establish and practice handwashing/santizing routines at home before/after transitioning to new places and spaces. We will be washing our hands a lot during the school day!

Seek Support: Reach out to other families to share ideas and strategies for preparing

students for the new normal of school. Access community resources to support your child's mental health and well-being or to access support for yourself. Our school team is ready to help you!

Begin to gather supplies: Spend some special and exciting time gathering school supplies with your child to prepare for back to school.

We would suggest the following:

- Two or three comfortable masks (mandatory for gr 4-8, strongly encouraged for K-3)

_ Labelled water bottle (water fountains will not be open, filling stations will)

_ Individual school supplies and pencil case (pencils/pens, eraser, crayons/pencil crayons, scissors, ruler, calculator for older grades, ) - sharing of materials will be very limited in class

_ Outdoor clothing for a variety of weather conditions (we will be spending an increased amount of time learning and playing outdoors; including during rain/snow etc.). We will have a water station on hot days!

_ A fanny pack or something similar to carry masks when at recess and any other supplies parents may deem appropriate (small hand sanitizer, kleenex etc.). We heard the dollar store had little waist packs with 3 compartments?

* Families who may require financial support to purchase items should contact Mrs. Duncan via email to arrange.

Return Borrowed iPads and Chromebooks

We are so glad you were able to use the school iPads and chromebooks for the past 6 months but we need them back! Our in class learning depends on them!

Please put the device in your child's backpack on the first day of school. We will collect them and disinfect them.

Don't forget the cord!

Opting into Remote Learning

The Limestone DSB has also sent an email to all families who may be considering opting out of in-class attendance and accessing remote learning for their child. It is imperative that families who are choosing this option complete the survey by Wednesday. The link to information and the survey are included below. After reviewing all of the information, if you have questions that may impact your decision please do not hesitate to email me to discuss: duncanm@limestone.on.ca

Opt Out Link:


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Modified School Timetable September 2020

Basic Premise of this years timetabling: Each class (example: Grade 4/5) is called a cohort. Cohorts will not be interacting with other cohorts on the yard, while eating or in the school.

The school has also been divided into two parts. Half will eat then go out for recess and the other half will go out for recess and then eat. This will ease hallway congestion and make recess more relaxed and fun!

Recess areas will be in a rotation, so all children will get a chance to experience every part of our amazing yard.

  1. Climbers and Stage
  2. Soccer Field
  3. Gazebo, ball diamond and volleyball net
  4. Pavement

Each recess students will rotate from one area to the next. Hand sanitizer will be used before they leave the school for recess and at the end of recess.

Kindergarten classes will stay in the kindergarten enclosure and alternate times outside

8:50 - 9:05 Yard Supervision begins

  • If you are dropping your child off please arrive as close to 9:05 as possible.

  • Each morning the students will meet in the back yard at their classroom's designated spot. It will be marked with the teachers name. We will send out a video in the days prior to school opening to show you a visual tour of where to meet on the yard.

  • Teachers will contact you before the first day of school so you know whose class you are in.

  • Classes will enter the school one at a time in a predetermined order to ensure each class is socially distanced

9:05 - Classes Commence

9:05 Classroom Instruction (100 minutes of learning)

10:45-11:05 Lunch or Recess

11:05-11:10 Transition Time

11:10-11:30 Lunch or Recess

11:30 - 1:10 Classroom Instruction (100 minutes of learning)

1:10 -1:30 Lunch or Recess

1:30 -1:35 Transition Time

1:35 -1:55 Lunch or Recess

1:55 - 3:35 Classroom Instruction (100 minutes)

3:35 Dismissal - Classes will line up in the classroom and be dismissed one at a time to ease the congestion in the front of the school. Parents will be asked to be socially distanced from each other as they await their children. Please stay clear of the bus door areas.

Tentative School Organization September 2020

Organization is TENTATIVE until enrolment stabilizes. Parents will be informed of any necessary changes next week when the Limestone Board staffing process completes the staffing process.

Principal M. Duncan

Office Manager C. McLean

Student Support E. LaRochelle

French J. Furst

French P. LeBlanc

JK/SK T. Robinson

JK/SK S. Wood & J. Hasler

Gr. 1 C. Koss

Gr. 2 S. Burns

Gr. 3 R. Wadman-Mills

Gr. 3/4 J. Guild

Gr. 4/5 J. Jerreat & B. MacKinnon

Gr. 5/6 S. Seiveright

Gr. 6/7 L. Gillott

Gr. 7/8 T. Bush

Planning Time TBD

Spec. Ed. C. Carter

Educational Assistant C. Edmunds

Educational Assistant M. Asselstine

Educational Assistant S. Newbury Reilly

Educational Assistant S. Russell

Custodian R. Harding

Custodian C. Schonauer

School Parking Lot & Bus Loading Zone

We continue to need your help. Since the safety of our students is a priority for all of us, parents are requested to refrain from using the parking lot when driving children to and from school.

The school driveways and bus loading zone need to remain clear of traffic and parked cars. Please be respectful of our neighbour's driveways, too.

Finally, remember to be mindful when parking on the road as the buses need room to swing around into the lot and we would hate to see anyone’s vehicle get damaged by accident. Thanks again for your attention to this matter.

Please social distance when you are picking up your children.

Anaphylactic Allergies

Please be aware that we have staff and students who have SEVERE allergies to foods as well as environmental allergies. Some of these allergies are life-threatening.

With this in mind, we ask that all staff, students and visitors refrain from sending/bringing items to school that contain or have come in contact with peanuts and other nuts.

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Upcoming Events

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