Andrew Jackson? Zero

Andrew Jackson a Zero for a president By: Kyla Woodruff

3 Reasons to Show Why I Think Andrew Jackson is a Zero

1. Indian Removal Act- Andrew Jackson removed Native Americans from their homeland across the country and onto reservations, to improve the country's economy. This was also known as the "Trail of Tears." Many people died on the way to reservations in Oklahoma, but kept their hopes up knowing that their would be food and shelter promised to them by removal treaties. The natives were threatened to sign these, and once they got to the reservation, nothing was there.

2. The Nullification Crisis- Three major tariffs were passed during Jackson's Presidency that caused chaos. These tariffs were the Tariff of 1828, the Tariff of 1832, and the Tariff of Abomination. The South grew angry about these tariffs because they had very little manufacturing, so they still relied on the imported goods to live. The South threatened to secede from the Union, because they nullified the tariffs. Henry Clay saw the problem from both sides and came up with the Compromise of 1832, forcing South Carolina and the rest of the southern states to pay the taxes.

3. National Bank- Andrew Jackson did not like that national bank, because he liked the idea of a strong state government. Eventually some people started to agree with Jackson. After Jackson was elected for his second term, he vetoed the National Bank, getting rid of it forever.

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Evverything done wrong in Jackson's Presidency.