Pop Culture

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What is pop culture?

Pop culture is the different trends and styles that develop over time. It seems that with each passing decade, a new style develops. Throughout the 1900s, styles changed drastically. In the early 1900s, clothes were very fancy and people were more conservative. Music was still sort of classical. In the 1920s, people opened up a little more, and music had more of a beat to it. People often times listened to jazz. The 30s-40s had a very boring style. The 1950s was a fun time, and people wore big skirts and danced a lot. 50s music ranged anywhere from a good dancing tune, to a song of grief. The 1960s was a time of color and the development of big hair. Music didn't change much from the 50s to the 60s, except the take off of the Beatles' career. The 1970s had a lot of groovy tunes and afros. But, you still had hippies and their more relaxed style. The 1980s had a lot of new styles of music. There wasn't really a specific sort of sound that people listened to. People wore a lot of neon colors and had HUGE hair. In the 90s, lots of people had high rise pants, and still had pretty big hair. People listened to a lot of hip-hop and R and B.

How does pop culture have an affect on society?

Pop culture has a huge affect on society. More so with teenagers. To teenagers, if you aren't on to the new trend of the current time, then you aren't considered cool. Also, if you don't listen to a specific kind of music, you are not considered cool. Pop culture affects the way that people look at each other.

Gigi Hadid, Ryan Seacrest, and Selena Gomez

100 years of beauty, 100 years of dance styles, and 100 years of home innovations

What do these videos show?

Each of these videos shows how styles changed over time through beauty, dance, and home styles. With each decade came a new look or move. These videos give an excellent representation of how styles changed through these topics.

American Girl Dolls

American girl dolls are a great representation of style change. Each doll has their own, specific time period and outfits that they are from. For example, Julie is a doll from the 70s. She has bell bottom jeans and a floral shirt. She also has many accessories, such as a banana seat bike. Another example is Kit. Kit is a doll from the 30s. She has a 30s styled scooter and wears a cute, printed dress, that has a green sort of color. Her outfit very well represents the 30s style.
100 Years of Beauty in 1 Minute - Episode 1: USA (Nina)
100 Years of Home Innovation ★ Mode.com