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Acton Weekly Update: 9/1/2017

Brook Wessel-Burke

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T.E.A.M. Together Everyone Achieves More

The main item that spoke to me from this week's reading was:

WE ARE ALL RESPONSIBLE FOR OUR DATA. These are OUR KIDS- not third grade's students or my neighbors students. NO- They are OURS. We are all responsible for working together to prepare OUR kids for success. K,1,2 have to communicate with 3,4,5 about deficit skills and weaknesses so we know how to fill in those gaps or prevent them from every happening.

Nuts and Bolts

Brook'sLookfors: What am I looking for or noticing when I come in your room?

  • Student Created Writing Rubric with Common Language and ICONS

  • Anchor charts created with students

  • Vocab enrichment-Growing Vocab anchor charts

  • EVERYTHING on your walls should have meaning to your students.

  • Objectives posted -Instructional Practices HERE.

  • Your students should know the objective if I ask them.

  • Are you following a Gradual Release of Responsibility format? (I do, We do, You do)

  • Are you assessing learning? (Pre/post formative assessment- check for understanding, exit slips)

  • Are students actively engaged or passive learners?

Curriculum and Instruction

Reviewing our PLC Purpose:

The Three Big Ideas of PLC- watch 1 minute video

The PLC Cycle- Our Four Essential Questions

Exit slips -MItzi started using her door to have students show their learning from the book she has been reading with them.

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Reaching All Learners


Here are the headlines from this year’s survey:

  • Americans overwhelmingly want schools to do more than educate students academically. That means blending work readiness, personal skills, and academic courses.
  • Substantially more Americans oppose than support school vouchers. Whether parents would use a voucher depends on how much tuition it would cover.
  • Most parents value racial/ethnic and economic diversity in schools — but they don’t believe it’s worth a longer commute to school.
  • Schools should provide wraparound services for students — such as health services, mental health support, after-school programs, and dental services — and seek additional public money to pay for them.
  • Parents say standardized tests don’t measure what’s important to them, and they put such tests at the bottom of a list of indicators of school quality.
  • Public schools get their highest grades from those who know them best: public school parents.
  • Most public school parents expect their child to attend college full time but that may not mean a four-year college.


First Quarter Technology Goals:

Kindergarten-using the iPad more with station and smallgroups

First Grade: find a hyper doc to utilize with our instruction during the first quarter, as well as create a hyper doc by the return of fall break.

Second Grade: Set up google classroom, introduce and use hyper docs, create hyper doc"

3rd grade will be focusing on incorporating hyperdocs into our math and reading lessons

4th grade will be focusing on incorporating Flipgrid and other forms of digital responses this quarter."

5th Grade will use Google Classroom once a week for the first quarter


Related Arts decided to make creating a hyperdoc lesson our tech goal for the first quarter.

Nadine's Lesson Schedule

Flash Focus Schedule

What's Coming Up


1 Instructional Coaches meeting

4 Labor Day

5 PTO Meeting


6 School Psych Mtg

6&7 Texas Roadhouse fundraiser for Houser Elementary School

8 Instructional Coaches Meeting

11 Evacuation Drill

11 Friendship Week/ Fundraiser Kickoff Convocation

11-15 Friendship/Anti Bullying Week

11-29 Acuity Predictive A ELA and Math Grade 3-5

12 ENL workday

13 Classified Wellness and Benefits Meeting

14 Grade 3-8 ELA High Ability

14 Bus Evacuation Drills

15 All Pro Dads

15 Instructional Coaches meeting

18 1st Grade Kasey the Dog

19 Grade level meeting KDG

20 Grade level meeting 1st

21 Grade Level meeting 2nd

21 School Board/Ctech presentation at Acton

22 Oct, Nov Field Trips Due

22 PTO Fundraiser-a-thon

26 Grade level meeting 3rd

27 Grade level meeting 4th

28 Grade level meeting 5th

29 End of first grading period