Principal Update

April 15, 2013

The time is now...


Thanks for your heavy productivity, creativity, and promotion of student engagement since our return from break. Now that we have next year's line up (tentative) out and our schedule "almost" complete, it is time to shift our complete focus back to the task at hand. After today we have exactly 35 days of school to complete. In this time our 3rd and 4th graders will complete ISTEP and every child in our school will be assessed heavily. I don't have to explain how important every second counts until the last days of school, so I'll only remind you to stay focused! Please continue to explore different opportunities to integrate technology, explore the sciences, and implement basic to intense inquiry opportunities. What ever you do, do it with full commitment, passion, and professionalism Never forget the power of your team and that now is the perfect time to get yourselves on the same page for the final days of the semester. Thanks for all you do and keep up the great work!

BSE PLP Staff Meeting a GREAT Success!

SFS and EVAL Reminders

Domain 1/3

If you have not yet sent me your domain 1 and 3 notes in an email (as text) please do so ASAP. I have received at least 18 so far and this is very helpful for me to get the information into SFS to ensure I can close out the year on time and in a professional manner. Please understand that I will be adding a "short observation" to record domains 1/3/4. This will pop up as a new document to review upon my completing it. We will NOT meet about the details until the end of year evaluation meeting. Remember that YOU are responsible to reach Julie S. to schedule this meeting. Remember that if you would like to wait until your CLO/SLO's are complete, you may do so, however it is not required for the end of year meeting. Again, I'll share with you all of the domains that I have marked and share projections based on your CLO/SLO and school grade score. Questions? Ask me anytime!

Bear Hunt - PLP Team

Join the PLP Team and go on a friendly and professional BEAR Hunt. The next two sessions are scheduled for 4PM on April 22 and May 20th. Please look for an email with the specific room number and BEAR HUNT guide.

District Training Reminders from Dr. Loane

  • 4/15, 4/16 from 4:15-5:15 at GE HSE 21 Using iPads in a Pilot Classroom with Maureen McGrath for K-4

  • 4/17 from 4:15-5:15 at NBE Beginning with Guided Math for 2-4

Events this week: Eval (Maggie, Mulvaney, Swearingen, Ryan, Jenni Robinson, and Mrs. P.)

  • Today: 4th Grade Intermediate School Visits - FCI/SCI Parent Orientation 6:30PM
  • 4/16/13: RTI Grade 3 8AM - Elementary Principal Meeting 1PM - BSE Blood Drive 2PM (LGI) - Boomer Bootcamp 6PM
  • 4/17/13: Schedule Meeting 8AM - 1st Grade Team Meeting 3:50PM
  • 4/18/13: 3rd/4th Grade ISTEP Teacher Meeting -8AM - DK Admin Meeting 10AM - Special Ed Team Meeting -11AM - Kindergarten Round up 5-7PM
  • 4/19/13: Kinder/4th Grade Team Meeting 8AM - Jeans/Spirit Wear