Mental Illness in America

A Mainstream Inequality

Our Thesis: Society assumes that those with mental illness are incapable of performing everyday tasks and are held to a lower standard. We believe that with the proper help those with mental illness can still live their lives to the fullest.

Just like any other difference, people aren't sure how to handle mental illnesses.

  • "Prejudice exists that unfairly paints people with conditions such as depression and schizophrenia as undesirable for close personal relationships and positions of authority." -IU study: 'Backbone of mental illness stigma common in 16 countries studied (Weekly Digest)
Just like racial or religious prejudices, these peoples' difference in character are perceived in a different light. Because of this difference, peoples confusion can turn into mental illness coming with a negative connotation.

Treatment for mental illness has greatly improved over the past couple decades.

  • 19th Century: "Therapies that are often crude and ineffective"
  • Early 20th Century: "Former patients begin demanding civil rights."
  • Mid-20th Century: "The number of psychiatric inpatients declines rapidly."
  • Later 20th Century" The state cannon confine a "non-dangerous individual" who is capable of surviving in freedom or alone with the help of others."
All info from "A history of treatment for mental illness"

Throughout the years, more time and money has been spent to improve the lives of those who are living with mental illness or depression. Better efforts have been made to improve the medication and treatment and it has become a more serious topic.

It is very common for people in our community to have a mental illness.

"With approximately 1 in 4 people in the U.S diagnosed with a mental illness, awareness of those impacted is alo growing. Those affected are commonplace in our daily lives and may include a classmate with ADHD, an aunt with bipolar disorder, or a father with depression." -Girl Scouts engage in the fight against mental illness stigma with mental awareess patch (weekly digest)

We are surrouned by many people who suffer from a mental illness. It has become more common and with that, society has become more willing to make change. An example of this is the Girl Scout's mental health awareness patch.

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Suicide Awareness Ribbon

Bullying in schools and drug use can lead to mental illness or depression. It is important to be aware that suicide is a serious issue and needs to be addressed.

Building A Warrior

The song warrior by Demi Lovato demonstrates courage and strength and the ability to pick yourself back up when others are in doubt of your ability. As a comunity, we can make efforts to help those who have been knocked down to get back on their feet.

Our response to those who disagree:

  • One might say that a person with a mental illness is a burden to society and is incapable of performing in the same way that the average person does. We feel that this is untrue and that if given the opportunity, we can all benefit the community. For example, Target has started a new campaign that hires those with mental illness to work their registers.
  • Many people have the misconception that all mental illnesses are equal. However, many of these illnesses require more serious treatment than others would.
  • Often times, people feel that some mentally ill people are incapable of communicating at all. While at times this may be true, if we all have an open mind and are welcoming to others it may not be such a problem. People should not be treated differently or as less of a person due to a simple diagnosis. In the end, we are all people and we are in this together.