Stephanie Kwolek

An Invention that Saved Lives By: Lesly Short

Background Information

Stephanie Kwolek was born July 31,1923 in New Kinsigton,Pennsylvanin. Stephanie Louise Kwolek has parents that was there for her and loved her every much. John Kwolek is her father but also Nellie Zajidel Kwolek is her mother and she is the only one in there family. Stephanie birth sign is a Leo she had a lots of hobbies that she wanned to do like be a fashion designer just like her mom and they loved to send time together too. Stephine Kwolek was not married or she didnt have kids but she had hope to go to Medical school to be something like a scienced and more. Stephanie was young like in her 30s or some where by her 40s she had a science degree in Margaret Morrison Carnegie College of Carnegie Mellon University to make her dreams came ture. Stephanie was a little bit older so she moved to Wilmington Delawere to try to make her science dreams come ture work.

Important Inventions And Other Accomplishments

Stephanie Kwolek maked an inventions that saved thounsand of people and she was the best life saver when it comes to shots. Stephanie was 42 when she began creating her invention also when stephanie was liveing in New Kinsigton,Pennsylvanin she moved to Wilmington Delawere in 1950s to work for DuPont. DuPont is the place were stephanie was creating her inventions at and there were some people that woked for DuPont that was hleping her ideas. In the 1960s stephanie made this up top invention that saved your life and others people too and the invention was the Bullet-Proof-Vests to save your life form shots or saving other peopel to be here now. Stephanie dad John Kwolek told her father when she was a little girl that she wanned to go to madical school and he told her to make her dreams come ture and she did that. In the 1980s she got a award for ACS for the top invention she made.
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