Thurmont Primary School News

January 2022

Principals' Message

Dear Families,

As we begin a New Year, and set out to finish the second half of our school year, it's a good time to remember the small steps we can each take to improve ourselves, one another and the world around us. The TPS staff continue to lead with love and support students in developing positive social emotional skills and behaviors. Our PATHS lessons, ROAR Expectations and Habits of Work will continue to guide us as we aim to grow our brain, heart and body power every day.

In the spirit of spreading kindness, linked below is a video read aloud of "Share Some Kindness Bring Some Light" which I hope you will enjoy with your child(ren).

Yours in education,

Michele Baisey



Share Some Kindness Bring Some Light

Quarantine, Schoology & Chromebook Reminders

As you know, students with a COVID-like illness, who test positive for COVID or who are identified as a close contact will be out of school. During the time students are absent for any of these reasons they can access instructional materials through Schoology (see the link below).

Schoology Access Information

Students can also access virtual instructional support with school staff using the schedule/information linked below.

TPS Virtual Instructional Support Schedule

Students in need of a device during any COVID-related absence may have one provided by the school. Please call our User Support Specialist, Mrs. Tippett, at 240-236-2810 to request a device and arrange a pickup time.

We hope you, your child(ren) and family stay healthy and well!

Retirement Recognition

Our cherished TPS Administrative Secretary, Mimi Hill, is retiring! The news is bittersweet because she is so deserving of time for herself, and with her family, but we all also know she has been a cornerstone of the TPS community for 20 years.

Mimi's Message to You

Dear TPS Families,

The start of a new year brings an opportunity for great reflection and renewal. For me personally, 2022 will be full of new adventures! After over 30 years of committed service to Frederick County students, parents and staff, I am announcing my retirement effective February 1, 2022. I was a part of opening Thurmont Primary School in 2001, and it has been my privilege and honor serving you, your children and the Thurmont community over the years. The joy I have felt interacting with your children every day has given me renewed hope that our future is in good hands! I will forever treasure the memories and little moments that have made coming to school every day a pleasure.

In the future, I look forward to traveling and spending more time with my granddaughter.

With a heart full of gratitude,

Ms. Mimi Hill

Mail for Mimi

How do you say goodbye to someone who has meant so much to our community?

How do you express appreciation for the help she provided?

How do you tell her that her kindness made a difference?

Simply, write a letter or send a note of gratitude. We invite everyone to send congratulatory words, wish her well, or share a fond memory by dropping a note in the mailbox at TPS “Mail For Mimi” or send an email to

Please have all correspondence submitted by January 25th.

Big picture

Manipulate with Math on a Number Line

You may have heard your child or child’s teacher referring to the math tool “number line.” In math, a number line can be defined as a straight line with numbers placed at equal intervals. We use the number line tool in all grade levels.

  • PreK students show where the numbers sit and their order on a number line up to 10.
  • In Kindergarten, we continue to use the number line to show number order up to 20 and for comparing numbers.
  • First graders use number lines to add and subtract up to 20, helping students to move into the “counting on” strategy rather than “counting all.”
  • Second graders are introduced to “open or empty number lines” for adding and subtracting two-digit numbers. An “open/empty number line” is a blank number line where students can start with any number and make “hops or jumps” based on the amounts being added or subtracted in the problem. Students can experiment with taking “hops” of different increments in solving problems to be more efficient.

Research has shown that being versatile on the number line, helps students to develop mental arithmetic strategies as they are able to visualize it. Early number line work sets students up to be flexible with numbers, later leading to a better understanding of using a ruler for measurement, fractions/decimals and negative numbers.

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Growing our Body Power

All students brought home a January Body Power Calendar last week (see picture below). Throughout the month of January, students and staff will be focused on healthy habits that build strong and healthy bodies.

Each day we will color in the calendar to show progress towards daily goals of:

  • eating 1 fruit
  • eating 1 vegetable
  • drinking water
  • exercising

We are working towards a total monthly goal of 92 points.

Completed calendars should be returned to Mr. Barnhart by Friday, February 4th.

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TEPS PTA Winter Family Event Postponed

The TEPS PTA Winter Craft Event scheduled for Thursday, January 13th has been postponed. The PTA will look to reschedule at a later date.

Additionally, the general PTA meeting on Thursday, January 13th will be held virtually at 5:00pm. A link will be shared by the PTA for those who wish to participate.

Important Dates

  • Friday, January 14th - Schools Closed for Students - Teacher Work Day

  • Monday, January 17th - Schools Closed for Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Day