Types of Mining and Fracking

by: Taylor Hess and Lydia Fisher

Surface Mining

- Soil and rocks covering the minerals are removed

- This is different from subsurface because we are getting the minerals from the surface of the ground instead of digging underground.

- 3 Types of surface mining are open pit mining, strip, and mountain top removal

pit mining is extraction of minerals by removing an open pit or borrow

strip mining is going surface deep into a rock to access coal

mountain top removal mining is extacting caol from the summit of the mountain

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- A con to the environment is that it often alters the land and rips it of it natural resources and nutrients.

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Subsurface Mining

- Extraction from minerals underground

- This is different from surface mining because we are digging underground instead of getting the minerals from the surface.

- 3 Types of subsurface mining are slope, drift, and shaft mining

Slope mining is a shaft digging down into rock to access coal

Drift Mining is a horizantal passgae underground that might intersect with the ground but might not

Shaft mining is when a large verticle tunnel digs down to access oils

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- One effect on the environment is that they create hazardous mine drainage

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- Fracking is injecting liquid at high pressure into objects to force up existing gas

- The price is very high

- There is an increased number of health hazards

- It harms the environment

- It risk humans safety

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