A Matter Of Trust

Anne Schraff

Book review

A matter of trust is about trust just as the title says, two main characters are two high school students who fall out with each other about a friend that they share.

I can relate to this book because i am so a high school student that has gone through the same type of situations. Friends will come and go, you have to learn to except that and move on and be able to better yourself as a person before you can be a friend to anyone else. Having friends are great but having and knowing yourself is even better. Get to know yourself and then become a friend, you cannot be someone else friend until you can become your own friend.

This book is drama filled and romantic book i would recommend this book to anyone in high school and college because you will have friends everywhere and you will go through things in life that will have to go through and you will need someone to go through those things with. Within finding a friend find yourself.