Elements of an Epic

Sam Stokes

The Plot will center around a Hero of unbelievable stature.

Odysseus was very smart and could outwit people or beat them fighting. he also used his smarts to get back home and stay alive.

Vast Setting

Odysseus went from fighting a war at Troy to being in a Cyclops house to going back home to Ithica. He traveled lots of places in his 20 years gone from Ithica.

More elements of an Epic

Elevated writing style

In the Odyssey, Homer is very descriptive in his writing in telling the tales of Odysseus. Homer is also very good at using very good adjective's and over exaggerating things.

The Hero's Journey

1. The Call to Adventure: In the Odyssey, Odysseus has to leave his home in Ithica to fight the war at Troy.

2.Supernatural aid: In the story Odysseus is helped bRescue from withouty the gods on his quest back home and when he has to kill the suitors in troy.

3. The Crossing of the first Threshold: In the odyssey, Odysseus leaves his home in Ithica to go fight the Trojan war.

4.The road of trials: In the story Odysseus on his way home has to fight a cyclops, he has to stay away from the sirens and has to keep alive in a storm.

5. Woman as Temptress: On his journey back to Ithica Odysseus must stay away from the Sirens songs.

6. The Ultimate Boon: In the Story Odysseus at the end of the story arrives back home to Ithica after twenty years away.

7. Rescue from Without: the gods help Odysseus kill the suitors and take back his kingdom.

8. The Crossing of the Return Threshold: When Odysseus arrives home he has to prove to his wife that it is really him.

9. Master of Two Worlds: Odysseus has to make peace with the parents of the Suitors he killed. This made Odysseus more comfortable that he will not be killed.

10. Freedom to Live: When Odysseus returns home to Ithica, he is just happy to be home and does not regret what he did in the past.

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