about me

My name is Ben and i am 12. My birthday is the 7 of November. I have one younger sister and my parents. I love surfing. Surfing is my favourite sport. I always go places with my family to surf, on the holidays we went to Phillip Island surfing.I also love longboarding. I was born in England and moved here when I was seven years old, I have been living in Australia for five years.The beach is my favourite place to be. I play Basketball, Cricket and i am joining a footy team. I also am a good athlete, I got to state for cross country and I am also competed at state for athletics and relays.

about I.T.

In It this year we have leart how to make a game on scratch, we had to put together these different pieces and make up our own game i made a shooting game.

we then worked on Excel doing an average footy kick and other statistics on excel.

we have done many projects with Excel but the footy kick required the most effort.

my average was 25.3 metres. we also used powerpoint for a couple of periods, i did a project on Hernando Cortez