In latin america


The forests including the biggest tropical rain forest, Amazon rain forest are being deforested. This a growing threat to the wildlife.

Deforestation in South America

Deforestation in South America is taking place due to the expansion of agriculture for economic development. Expansion of industry, logging, mining, cattle pastures are also responsible for this. The effects are however different in different areas starting from degradation of land to soil erosion and also the earth's biodiversity.

Amazon in Lain america

The Amazon rain forest, which is the most biodiverse tropical rain forest. It is the home of different species of plants and animals. People also use the land here for plantation. They use pesticides and irrigation system that are harmful to the land. The chemicals also kill animals. The rain washes it into water only to kill the fishes and other species. Water balance is also hampered. Deforestation in Amazon Rain Forest leads to destruction of human life itself.
Deforestation is also caused by the commercial loggers, who cut trees to sell as timber or pulp. Either selective tress are being cut down or it is done through clear cutting. In such cases all trees in a certain area are being removed. Selective cutting is quite dangerous but in this case the forest can re-grow, which is not possible in case of clear cutting.