Mini-Grant Application

FCS Vanguard | 2018

What is the mini-grant program?

FCS VANGUARD wants to inspire teachers to dream big and achieve greatness. Sometimes, it takes funds to make dreams happen. Our goal is to provide funds for projects that enhance the curriculum, improve student learning and achievement, and align with the FCS Strategic Plan.

Requirements for applying:

  1. All members in the submitting school must be must be in good standing.
  2. Applications must be submitted by Vanguard School Teams, not by individual teachers.

Project Criteria:

1. Projects should be innovative, creative, and stimulating to the students and the staff.

2. Projects should support and expand upon the FCS Strategic Plan.

3. Projects should be REPLICABLE so they can be done again in the future.

4. Projects should NOT be covered by existing funds.

5. Projects must align with the goals in the school-based plan.

6. Project purchases must be supported and approved by FCS Marketplace.

Who can submit a proposal?

Any team may apply for one or more mini grants as long as all members of that department are in good standing.

How much money is available for each grant?

FCS Vanguard has approximately $40,000 to fund the Mini-Grant program this year. We are not putting a cap on each grant but please be realistic with your requests as we would like to fund as many grant requests as possible. Please be sure to include any taxes and shipping in the amount you request.

FCS Strategic Plan

Click here to access Fulton's Updated Strategic Plan

When is our grant application due?

Applications must be submitted by February 9th to be considered.