The Journey to the Olympics

It's Happening...

  • Qualifiers : Group A - F, players with highest points proceed to next round. Players with 2nd highest points proceed to form group G.
  • Quarter-finals : Winners from Group A vs B, C vs D, E vs F play a knockout round to enter semi-finals. Highest scoring player in Group G proceeds to semi-finals.
  • Semi-finals : Group G champion, and 3 champions from Group A-F play a knockout round to produce 2 players to enter the finals.
  • Finals : The last 2 players fight a best of 3 set to produce a the champion of the SAYS Pong league.

Winner gets THE BELT

Yes, we're literally buying a belt for this. Imagine the bragging rights walking to Centerpoint for lunch with this hunk of a belt.

Good looking champions play this sport

Biba Golic
No, these are not paid models. These are the world champions at this athletic sport.

Your move.

  • WANT IN?
    Please see which qualifying group you're in. The image on the right has your name there. These names have been drawn at random and cannot be changed. Colin will call you to confirm a time slot.

    If you don't want to participate, just let Colin know when Colin calls you to set a time.

    Once Colin sets a time, he'll inform everyone on the whiteboard and the Facebook group in case you want to spectate. Colin will also be posting the highlights on Facebook for us.

Let the Games Begin!

Wednesday, Jul 11th 2012 at 6:30pm

Jalan Tanjung

Petaling Jaya, Selangor

Colin will call you and announce when you'll be playing, so others can come and watch. All matches happen 630PM after work. The finals will be on a Friday 5PM after greatitude.

Expect non-stop action!

Table Tennis -Spectacular!!
Best Ping Pong Match Ever