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Calls For Every Season!

Turkey Calls and Duck Calls:

What is the importance of specailization in the making of Duck Calls?

You need several departments of workers to make duck calls:
1. One department to drill holes in and cut the wood.
2. One department to use a lathe and shape the wood for the call.
3. One department to cut plastic for the reeds and put the reeds in the call.
4. One department to cut notches in the call and cut cork to be fit into the call.
5. One department to fine tune the calls (trim the reeds if needed to get the correct sound)
6. One department to paint the calls. In this department it will be split into three parts: one part will sand the calls, another will stain the call, and another will spray a clear coat on the call. The customer will chose whether the call gets stained or clear coated.
7. One department will package the call and label them for shipping.
8. Finally, one department will load the boxes of calls on the truck to be shipped out or place them on the shelf for in-store sale.
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Wood Lathe Techniques : Turning Posts on a Wood Lathe

Division of labor to make a Turkey Call:

1. One department to measure, mark and cut the woods panels.

2. One department to mark the panels with parallel lines and to cut channels into the panels.

3. One department to use skills saws to cut arches into the wood and to sand the sides of the panels.

4. One department to apply wood glue and glue the panels of the box together along the grooves.

5. One department to cut cubes of wood out of pine board and file them to fit into each end of the box.

6. One department to curve the sides of the box so that become an exact fit.

7. One department to create a paddle to fit in the box. This department takes the most careful workman’s ship.

8. One department to put the paddles in to the box and to add the spring into the calls.

9. One department to fine tune the calls.

10. Finally, one department to package and ship the calls.

What is the division of labor for the factory and store?

The division of labor in the factory ranges in several ways.

-one person has to be in charge of the entire factory (this can be the owner or someone he or she designates to run the factory)
-one person to be in charge of the duck call department
-one person is over the turkey call department
-several people to over see each assembly line when making the calls
-a couple people to over see the maintenance of machinery
-many workers to make the products
-workers to package the products and ship them

In the store you have the:
-big boss
-main manager
-shift manager
-the casheir
-the packager
-the greater

How does Scarcity contribute to my product?

Materials such as Bamboo(if ordered as a reed for customer) and Aged Cedar can be scarce. Cedar trees are not native to Georgia so I have to buy the wood planks from somewhere else and have them brought to me. If a duck call is ordered with a bamboo reed in it; i have to order the bamboo from somewhere else, possibly outside of the country, and have it shipped to Blackshear.

Why I chose Blackshear as my location?

Almost every household in the state of Georgia has had at least one person that has went hunting at some point during their life. In Blackshear both turkey and duck hunting are popular creating the perfect atmosphere for my products.

Productive resources?

the land would be the; wood used to create the calls.
the labor would be all workers involved in creating the calls.
the capital would be to wood stains, lathe and all premade equipment used in making the calls.
the entrepreneur would be me.

the lumber used in the manufacturing of the calls would be the scarce land.
workers are hard to come by sometimes and i must find quality, skilled workers to perform the tasks i have set for them.
some of the machines used to create the calls are hard to come by.

Trade off? Opportunity Cost?

The trade off for my business would be me choosing to go to a work convention to expand my business instead of staying in town for the the week of the convention and making money.
The opportunity cost for my business would be me loosing family time to work on the products that i make and to manage my business.

Expanding our business and making money is more important than the five extra minutes you may get to spend with your family. Our business hours are only 9 am to 4 pm leaving plenty of time for family.

The marginal cost for our business would be the little extra time and money it takes to create that one last call of the day so that it can be sent out on time.
The marginal benefit would be that we would make more off of the call; which would put more money back into our pockets.

Staying at work to finish our last duck call and to ship it out to our customer is a rational decision because we are able to increase our intake of money that day and to guarantee good costumer service which will keep customer coming back.
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The optimal combination of products would be to make 87,500 duck calls and 70,000 turkey calls. This would end in the company using $7 million dollar to make the calls, but a profit of $1.6 million per year. Charge $50 per duck call and $60 per turkey call. The $2 million to build the factory and the store have already been taken out as well as $1 million in maintenance (electricity, water, etc.) for one year.

Expanded PPC

If i add more workers to the factory i can charge $20 more for each call and expand my profits even more.