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September 30, 2016

Crystal Cooper Thompson, Principal

Aesop Reminders

When you submit a request in Aesop:

  • Please remember to post In/Service-Staff Development when requesting for a staff development day off. Assure that you have gotten clearance to attend from Crystal first so that payment for subs can come from the proper line item.

  • Click “save” and the Aesop system will locate a sub for you.
  • Click “save and assign” when you have already spoken to the sub and you know for certain that he/she will be in your class.

Please remember to update the time in Aesop. A full day is 7:45-3:45, half day is either 7:45-11:45 or 11:45-3:45.


Belkis Puga, October 1st

Larry Smith, October 5th

Kelli Reifler,October 8th

Laura Smith, October 11th

Jill Moore, October 12th

Sharon Pardue, October 12th

Naisha Lyons ,October 16th

Rochelle Spurlock, October 22nd

Janet Rivera, October 24th

Shannon Davis ,October 27th

Selena Ruth, October 31st

Mandy Squires, October 31st

Staff Calendar-To be updated

Crystal's Corner


What a great week of teaching and learning. Thank you to all of you for your hard work with conferences and our Literacy Palooza! I am very proud of our students as well for all that they have done to make our school a better place.

Thank you to Claire, our coaches and the Literacy committee for a job well done with planning our annual event, "Literacy Palooza!" Your classes looked great and your students were very excited to be highlighted on this special day. Thank you to Kim and Rochelle for doing an excellent job with making sure that our families and students were able to purchase books and continue being motivated about reading!

Please continue to post your pictures to the link that Larry sent on Friday, so that we can share our special moments from the day.

School Affairs

Stellar Sub

If you have an IEP meeting to attend and need coverage from the Stellar Substitute, the procedures are as follows:

  • Check for Stellar Sub coverage availability. Click "Week" in top right hand corner to see the available times. The stellar calendar is listed on Sycamore Resources or using this link: Stellar Sub Calendar
  • Secure two tentative dates by emailing Laura Smith (copy Carolann Zebrowski)
  • Confirm that the parent/guardian is available to attend either date
  • Email Laura Smith (copy Carolann Zebrowski) to confirm date that will be used for meeting.

Mondays are always reserved for SST Meetings which are scheduled through Ms. Mantilla.

Ana Rivera, our school psychologist, has the following dates reserved for her to conduct Special Ed eligibility and reevaluation meetings: 9/13, 10/11, 11/15, 12/13, 1/17, 2/14, 3/14, 4/18 and 5/9.

Benefits Bulletin

Please use the following link to view the current Benefit Bulletin: September Benefit Bulletin

Opportunity School District

Please use this link to the view general information flyer about the Opportunity

School District: Q &A Opportunity School District

Media News and Tidbits

Weekly ESOL Tip

Need to make adjustments to your ELPPs? Once you click on the designated student’s ELPP be sure to click “Modify Existing Plan”. Make any changes and add any notes in the comments section and then click “save” at the top. If you have any questions be sure to let me know. I am happy to sit down with you to help!
Have a great week!


The latest posts to the online Communiqué include a national award for staff, a Comic Superhero, gold for some speedy sport stackers, a call for career fair exhibitors, plus Bulletin Board items on a golf fundraiser, upcoming deadlines, and the latest episode of In5ive. Coming up, watch for caring philanthropy to fight food insecurity, an opportunity for feedback on instructional resources, and more.

Story ideas? Great photos? Feedback? Let us know at

Please share photos and information about the special events your school has planned for Arts in Education Week and National Grandparents' Day (Sept. 11), National Hispanic Heritage Month (Sept. 15-Oct. 15), Constitution Week and Citizenship Day (Sept. 17) and International Day of Peace (Sept. 21).

Please use this link to view Communiqué .

Georgia DOE Math Standard Surveys

The Georgia DOE is seeking feedback from teachers across the state regarding standards Georgia Standards of Excellence K-10 that have proven to be difficult to interpret and challenging to teach to guide the development of additional statewide professional learning resources. The surveys were disseminated statewide, using rosters of teachers provided by the Professional Standards Commission. We have been asked to share with our teachers to be certain every current teacher of mathematics has the opportunity to participate. Surveys need to be submitted on or before October 5, 2016 to be considered.


Grade 1

Grade 2

Grade 3

Grade 4

Grade 5

Please share with your teachers.

GCPS e-News

Please use this link to read GCPS' latest community e-newsletter

Save the Date: 2016 Legislative Listening Session

Each fall, members of the Georgia General Assembly host listening sessions designed to allow educators to provide feedback regarding educational issues and to inform them prior to the legislative session. Please make plans to join Representative Brooks Coleman, Representative Ed Setzler, and other representatives from the legislature, GaDOE, and the Governor's office. We look forward to seeing you there!

What: 2016 Legislative Listening Session for Educators

When: Tuesday, October 11, 2016

What Time: Superintendents, Board of Education Members,

Central Office, and Administrators---4 PM until 6 PM

Teachers---6 PM until 8 PM

Where: Kennesaw Mountain High School, 1898 Kennesaw Due West Road, Kennesaw, GA 30152

Visit us at for more information about classes and professional learning opportunities!

School Reminders

1. Please lock up all devices at night and lock your classroom doors when leaving for specials, and recess. Students need to bring everything with them and not come to the classrooms unattended as much as possible. 2 barriers are suggested; 1 barrier will suffice.

2. Please have students assist with putting chairs on desks when leaving each day.With us eating breakfast and snacks in the classrooms, it causes for more attention to vacuuming. Please help us get your rooms as clean as possible.


Stay up to date on things from Larry! CLICK HERE to view the LSTC Blog!


Thank you everyone for your hard work this week with Literacy Palooza!! -Claire

Thank you, Ashley Welch for our breakfast treats. - Michelle Hardy

Thank you so much, Angie Laugherty for your help with my Promethean board! It works perfectly now!!!! - Michelle Hardy

Thank you, Laurel Rosenthal and Frank Torres for your words of encouragement and positive energy! - Michelle Hardy

Thank you, Kim Friedel and Naisha Lyons for sharing how you do rotations/centers in your class. I can't wait to try it!! - Michelle Hardy

Thank you, Emma Moses and Dana Soto for sharing some organizational tips and goodies. - Michelle Hardy

Thank you, Larry Smith for sharing all your Google Apps tips with my students. We are really enjoying collaborating online. - Michelle Hardy

Thank you, Amy Haser for your help with Early Release Lunch procedures. - Michelle Hardy

Thank you to Frank, Angie, Paul and Stephanie for being flexible while I helped other teachers complete F&Ps! :) - Karen

Thank you Rochelle for covering my lunch duty on Wednesday! - Karen

Thank you to Carolann for making Relay For Life copies and putting them in boxes! You rock! - The RFL Team

Thank you to Julie and Marjorie for making RFL handouts! You are wonderful! - The RFL Team

Thank you to Bev Carlan for selling Smencils daily as well as taking on the sales for Go Gold and Pink Out! You are awesome! - The RFL Team

Thank you to Julie Kuykendall, Nickie Settambrino, Kelly Schaaf, Jessica Vielmas, Bev Carlan, Marble Davis, Marjorie Mantilla, Kelli Reifler for attending this last RFL meeting and to everyone who has offered future help! - Karen

Thank you to Ms. Thompson and Laura for providing coverage for us to attend the Governor's Environmental Address. Beverly

Kudos to Beth, Cyndi, Karen and Ms. Thompson for providing such enjoyable company at the Governor's Address. Beverly

Thank you to Ms. Haser, Ms. Berg, Ms. Bennett and Ms. Davis for coordinating conference time with the parents of our AC students. Beverly

Accolades to Jill Moore and Ann Kendall for covering STEM classes on Tuesday. Beverly

Kudos to Kristi King for having such a compassionate heart and for being so thoughtful!! Kudos to Marble Davis and Jill Wallace for being so supportive and and consistently working to create positive strategies and ideas! ----Jennifer C

hank you to Michelle for your daily humor and zen. Angie

Thank you to Laurel for always being our rock and taking care of us. Angie

Thank you to Frank for always being the best partner in crime and always having my back. Angie

Thank you Kim Friedel for being an amazing team mate.

Thank you Ashley Mansfield for being our amazing support system. Angie and Frank

Thank you Ashley Welch for always being a superstar. You always spoil us on collaboration days and our Thursday morning treat was amazing.

Thank you to Naisha Lyons for always going above and beyond. I love having you on our team. Angie

Thank you Katie for the coffee treats on our conference day, it was VERY appreciated!!! Fourth Grade

Thank you Shannon and Emily for the morning comic relief! I really enjoy having you guys as neighbors! Angie

Thanks to first grade and second grade for always making our lunch time entertaining! We really enjoy you guys! Angie

Thank you, Jill and Ashley, for your friendship, collaboration, and guidance. You gals ROCK! :) Jill Moore

Thank you, Second Grade, for your continual efforts to collaborate and do what is best for students! I appreciate EACH of you! :) Jill Moore

Thank you, Third Grade, for always being so appreciative of me! You do not know how much I appreciate EACH of you! :) Jill Moore

Thank you, Sycamore ES, for your dedication and attention to the F&P process. Your attention to critically considering the students' levels is commendable! Thank you for taking a renewed sense to a very important process. :) Jill Moore

Thank you, Bev Carlan, for allowing me to take a few of your classes this week. You are a truly exemplary teacher. Our students are so lucky to have your expertise! I LOVED your lessons! :) Jill Moore

KUDOS to Paul Chong for a highly engaging math lesson using technology! Thank you for allowing me to "steal" your website finding! (Teachers, check out It was fun to watch your students actively engaged in problem-solving! I am so glad you are my colleague! :) Jill Moore

Thank you, Dr. Glass, for allowing me to bend your ear this week. Your guidance is truly appreciated! :) Jill Moore

Thank you, Laura Smith, for adjusting my covering for a class this week! Your understanding is appreciated! :) Jill Moore

Thank you, Janet Rivera, for your time and dedication to entering all of our EIP friends! I am truly appreciative! :) Jill Moore

Thank you, Claire Baraban, for all of your hard work for a great Literacy Palooza! :) Jill Moore

Thank you, Jill Wallace, for picking up the balloons for Literacy Palooza! :) Jill Moore

Thank you, Ashley Welch, for helping us "find" our costume extras! :) Jill Moore

Thank you, Sheree Bailey, for always having a sweet smile and kind words to me! :) Jill Moore

Bus Duty Ladies and Ms. Wyble, thank you for always keeping me in line and helping me get our kiddos home. :) Jill Moore

Thank you, Crystal Thompson, for your listening ear and guidance this week. I truly appreciate your leadership! :) Jill Moore

Thank you, Ms. Carolina, Mr. Fernando, Ms. Tatiana, Ms. Alana, and Ms. Belkis, for your never-ending assistance and perseverance in keeping our school a clean and safe environment! :) Jill Moore