Peek Through Our Window

A glimpse into our week at YLS

June 3, 2016

26 Iyar 5776

Dear Parents,

Take a peek through our window to see what we explored, discovered, created, celebrated, and wondered this week.

Shabbat Shalom,

Morah Chana, Morah Rachael, and Morah Sharona


  • Over the last several weeks, we have explored Sefer Vayikra. We were excited to learn that we would finish the last parsha in the sefer this week! We reviewed and reflected upon what we had learned so far in Sefer Vayikra. We then discussed the idea of communal responsibility. We learned that the Jewish people will receive wonderful rewards if they work together to follow Hashem’s mitzvot. We discussed how we might encourage our friends to be the best they can be in our own space. We remembered that, sometimes, the actions of just a few friends have had consequences for the whole class. We thought of how we can remind friends how they can contribute to the group positively.


  • Our love for music allowed us to discover our tremendous musical talents. Friends used our outdoor builder boards to put on a concert. The builder boards were transformed into many types of percussion instruments. While the musicians were playing, the singers lined up to sing songs that we have been singing all year. Whether it was Yesh Tikva, Adon Olam, or Hatikva, many friends enjoyed the performance!

  • We discovered something new in our learning space- peacock feathers! We learned that Zoe generously brought them as a gift. She showed and explained how we can balance them on our palms. Every friend and even the morot had an opportunity to try it. The friends gave each other tips as they learned strategies for keeping the peacock feather erect. This activity allowed our friends to practice focus, coordination, and balance. We also found that it helps us to relax.


  • This week, our friends worked in pairs to create dramatic portrayals of the parshiyot they knew from Sefer Bereishit and Sefer Shemot. After reviewing the content of these parshiyot, the pairs acted them out and asked their friends to guess which parsha they were trying to represent. It was an opportunity for us to review the material, teach it to others, and play a fun game!

  • In continuation of our siddur project, we worked on our Adon Olam page for our personal siddurim. We thought about Adon Olam as a reminder of how Hashem protects us constantly. Our conversations led us to write a letter to Hashem. Our letters to Hashem allowed us the opportunity to tell Hashem when we feel Hashem’s protection most. Some friends felt the most protected by Hashem when they have nightmares, while others felt it most when they do tricks on the monkey bars. This project has deepened our connection to our tefilot.


  • This week we celebrated Miriam’s birthday. Friends made the cupcakes and enjoyed their delicious treat with Miriam. Miriam shared her birthday book with us and we loved hearing about the things she's done!

  • After weeks of preparation, this week we completed our Student Led Conferences. We were pleased to welcome so many parents into our space. Thank you for coming into our learning space and allowing your child to share all that they have worked on this year!


  • This week we wondered what we remembered about Sefer Beireshit and Sefer Shemot. We were each given pictures and after looking at them worked together to sequence the story. While we remember the stories well, friends found it challenging to sequence them in order! Our collaborative effort allowed us to figure out what happened and in what order! What incredible team work!

Ivrit at YLS

Dear Parents,

In preparation for Yom Yerushalayim (on Sunday, June 5th), we talked and learned about Yerushalayim. Earlier in the week, I showed the children pictures of prominent and well known places in Yerushalayim. We looked at the Wohl Rose Garden, the Knesset, the walls of the city, the Kotel and the Moses Montefiore Windmill. The pictures were posted in different parts of the classroom and we took a “tour” of Yerushalayim. As we toured, we sang “ כל מקום שאני הולך אני הולך אני הולך לירושלים.” Every time we came to a stop on the tour the friends said in a full sentence what they saw- I see the Kotel, or I see the Rose Garden.

After our tour, we paired up and worked at stations connected to each of the places we had toured. Each station also connected to some of the other units we have learned such as colors, shapes and clothing. The first station was the Knesset. Here the children had to match the correct word to the picture- such as, the word table to the picture of a table, the word chair to the picture of the chair, etc. The second station had the children identify and match the clothing and body parts of a soldier guarding the walls of Yerushalayim. The third station was the Rose Garden. Here the children played a memory game where the children had to match the different colored flowers. The fourth station had the children glue shapes to fill in a picture of the Moses Montefiore Windmill. The children had to make the shapes fit into the windmill. The fifth station was the Kotel. Each child wrote a note and glued it to the picture of the Kotel. I told the children this summer I will be travelling to Israel and I will be able to put their notes in the actual Kotel!

At the end of the week we saw a short video describing the shuk at Machneh Yehuda in Yerushalayim. I split the children into two groups. One group were the sellers and the other group were the customers. The customers had Israeli money they could use to purchase food and drink. Afterwards we switched so everyone had a chance to buy and sell. The customers had to ask the sellers in a full sentence how much the items cost. The children very much enjoyed buying and selling their treats.

Shabbat Shalom,

Morah Chana

Words and phrases we learned:

Wherever I go, I go to Yerushalyim.- .לכל מקום שאני הולך אני הולך לירושלים.

(Wohl) Rose Garden- גן הורדים

The walls of the city-חומות ירושלים

The Kotel- הכותל

The Knesset- הכנסת

(Moses Montefiore) Windmill- טחנת רוח

How much does this cost?- ?כמה זה עולה

It costs…-...זה עולה

I see the Kotel.-.אני רואה את הכותל