6 Major Characteristics of Animals

By: Kyli Mender

The First Major Characterisic

Animals are multicellular. That means they have or consist many cells.

The Second Major Characteristic

Animals are heterotrophic. They obtain their energy by consuming the energy and then releasing the food substances.

The Third Major Characteristic

Animals most likely reproduce their species and keep that species a live. They have cute little BABIES! :D

The Fourth Major Characteristic

Animals are made up of cells that don't have cell walls. Animals cells don't have cell walls because cell walls are made up of phospholipid bilayers and proteins. Even though the animal cells' don't have cell walls for protection, it has endoskeletons and exoskeletons that can protect the cells.

The Fifth Major Chacteristic

At some point, animals are capable of motion in some stages of their lives.

Last but not least, The SIXTH Major Characteristics

Animals respond quickly to their environment and other animals around them from the nerve cells, muscle or contractile tissue, or both.