Principal Update January 9, 2021

Go Tigers!

Tiger Paw January Focus: Patience

This month, we are focusing on the act of patience. Students are working hard to show patience in many ways inside and outside the classroom. We already had many students and a few whole classes receive Tiger Paws last week in this area. Feel free to use this as an opportunity to discuss patience at home, as well. :)

Principal for the Day!

This Friday, we are SO excited to have Logan Acker at the helm as Principal for the Day, with his Vice Principal, Hugh Acker. We will enjoy a fun day with many surprises, and are certain Logan and Hugh will do an outstanding job running the show that day.

After School Pick Up Reminder

We noticed this past week that cars are starting to back up on Roosevelt again, and that cars aren't parking when this occurs. Please help us remedy this, by reviewing our timeline/procedures:

Families picking up only one child should begin arriving at 3:13. Parents picking up 2 or more children should begin arriving at 3:18. (2:28 and 2:33 respectively on Wednesdays). If the drive through line is full when you arrive, please park in the parking lot. You may then walk and meet your student at the orange coned area by the crosswalk or your student may come to the crosswalk and head to their car if they see their car. If your child(ren) is not ready for you when you are in line, you will be asked to park until they are ready. When you exit the parking lot, please turn right only on 85th to keep the flow of traffic going.

Thank you for helping to get this back on track and to alleviate any backup for our neighbors.

Most Recently Updated COVID Plan

Shared with families on December 30th. New update coming this week!

Out-of-Sate Travel for Unvaccinated Individuals

As you start thinking ahead to future travel, just a reminder of protocols for unvaccinated students should they travel out of state by public transportation.

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