My Smore Flyer

before the interview

You should show up 10-15 min early.

Make sure not to smoke or wear alot of fragrence so they cant breath

make sure you are dressing to impress

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during the interview

during the interview be sure that you are not figiting with your fingers or anything else sit still and be calm

be sure to look the interviewer in the eyes and dont answer the questions to fast

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5 common interview questions

what are your strengths?

what are your weaknesses?

why should we hire you?

where do you see yourself in 5 years?

why did you leave your last job?

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after the interview

after the interview you need to stand up shake their hand again anf tell them thank you for the interview
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depending upon what job you are interviewing for you should dress kinda nice but dont come in all dirty and stinky dress to impress
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interview donts

do not tell them what you think the company can do better

do not curse

smoke before

wear to much cologne

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