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October and November

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Let's Celebrate October Promotions!

Eileen Statts - Senior Stylist

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Eileen Statts

Senior Stylist

I live in Midlothian, VA with my husband and two awesome kids, Riley and Charlotte. We are lovers of the outdoors, traveling and entertaining friends in our home. I was a Professional School Counselor and Educator for over 15 years, but after I had my second child, it hit me: I had to find something more flexible - something that would allow me to do the things I wanted to do for and with my family. I was scared to leave a career that I had spent so much time developing and going to school for, but I knew I needed a change for my family's sake. I had friends with their own businesses, but never considered myself "the type". Then I started wondering, "What if I am that type?" I started researching Stella & Dot and it seemed like a perfect match. I loved the idea that I could work 5, 10, 20, 30 hours a week, depending on what worked for me! Without a doubt, the flexibility of the business is my favorite part. I am now a happy stay at home mom, and S&D is the perfect compliment to this arrangement.

Anna Blessing - Associate Stylist

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Anna Blessing

Associate Stylist

Ashburn, VA

I work as an exercise physiologist in cardiac and pulmonary rehabilitation at Fairfax and Loudoun Hospitals.

I also, give softball pitching and hitting lessons to girls from 8 years old to 18 years old.

I joined Stella & Dot in college for extra cash because it was flexible and on my own time- I needed the cash

and couldn't hold a part time job with school and as an athlete on GMU's softball team. Stella & Dot was PERFECT

and also allowed me to have a gorgeous collection of jewels.

Ciara Haenke - Associate Stylist

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Name: Ciara Haenke

Title: Associate Stylist

A little bit about your life: I am a wife & a mom (of a little man who is about to celebrate his 1st birthday this month) I work full time at John Deere in Iowa. I love spending time with my family, being outdoors, and of course running my S&D business! I am SO excited to continue learning from the best and grow my team & business.

Why you decided to do Stella and Dot: After getting a couple pieces, I was hooked on Stella & Dot jewelry. Since I work a corporate job in a manufacturing environment I really wanted to be able to have a way to still feel “girly.” I loved the idea of getting to connect with other women in the area and sharing our beautiful line. I was also excited to be a part of a group of strong willed women who love to support and motivate each other!

Stefanie Copp - Associate Stylist

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Katherine Andreottola - Associate Stylist

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Kate Andreottola

Associate Stylist

I just started a new job in the summer of 2015 as the Director of Advancement at Paul VI Catholic High School (PVI) in Fairfax, Virginia. As an alumna of PVI, I love the work and the community I am a part of at the school. Prior to PVI, I worked at George Mason University in Advancement and Alumni Relations. A native of Fairfax, I consider Boston a second home, having attended college in Massachusetts and starting my career there. As a breast cancer survivor, I volunteer as an ambassador for the Tigerlily Foundation, dedicated to empowering, educating, and advocating for women under 40 before, during, and after their breast cancer diagnosis. After my battle with cancer, I realized I didn’t want to wait to experiencethings in life, especially with my 8 year-old daughter, Sophie. She is my why…always will be.Stella & Dot gives me the opportunity to provide for Sophie and take her on these adventures. Asa Stylist, I continue to meet amazing women and am proud to be a part of a company with a greatphilosophy, product, and commitment to giving back.

Jamie McAllister - Associate Stylist

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My name is Jamie McAllister

Associate Stylist with Stella and Dot (for October).

I am a new mom of a beautiful 5 month old daughter Gracie Jo. I also work as an accountant for a fuel company. I have loved jewelry and fashion all of my life. I discovered Stella and Dot last year through a family member and fellow stylist (Amanda Pollice), and I fell in love with it instantly. I love the quality of it. It was hard for me to find affordable jewelry with a great quality. I wanted pieces that lasted, and they do. I never leave the house without jewelry. Even before Stella, I also had a major arm party going on with earrings, rings, necklaces as well...even if it was with a plain tee.

Let's Celebrate November Promotions!

Donna Naylor- Senior Director

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Donna Naylor

Raleigh NC
Fall 2009

Background in commercial insurance, wife, mom of 2 teenagers Mackenzie and Zach) and 2 spoiled dogs.

Working with such an amazing and talented group of women! And, Flexibility is definitely favorite part of the biz.

Maintain Senior Director and continue to build more leaders!

Jena Green- Director

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Jessa Helm- Director

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Erin Hackett- Associate Director

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Hometown: Richmond, Va
Start Date: October 2012
Stats: Mom of 2, previous property manager, love fashion, travel, and crafty stuff.
Fave Part of S&D Business: The inspiration from fellow stylists and the flexibility to be home with my children while working my business.
3 Month Goal: Heart of Leadership for December and sign on 2 new stylists

Sonia Kaye- Associate Director

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Victoria Maiden- Associate Director

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Morgan Lyon- Associate Director

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Shauna Hall- Associate Director

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Hometown: Columbia, South Carolina
Start Date: September 2011
Stats: Working full time at a Law Firm for over 2 years now - pursing my career and getting my EA Certification - but most importantly I'm a Mama to a precious baby girl that's 17 months old and loving every minute of motherhood. I also absolutely love everything about fashion and interior decorating (especially since we bought a new house this year) - these two have been my passion since a young age and Stella & Dot gives me the opportunity to incorporate this even in my office job :)
Fave Part of S&D Business: My favorite part of this amazing business is the flexibility & GIRL TIME! I love my evenings at a trunk show meeting new women and just helping style their lives! It is way too much fun to find exactly what fits their needs & incorporate their style in the jewelry. Also I love having the sisterhood that we have with Southern Charms, S&D as a whole and of course my immediate mighty team - I have found such friendships in this business and wouldn't trade that for anything.
3 Month Goal: To focus on coaching & sponsoring! Always wanting to spread the joy of S&D!

Karla Dofflemyer- Associate Director

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Hometown: Charlottesville, VA
Start Date: April 30, 2014
Stats: A Wife & Mom to 3 girls: Maddie (6), Ellorie (4) and Sophie (2). Love to decorate and rearrange my home (sometimes to the point I make my hubby crazy...). Love spending time with my friends & family.
Fave Part of S&D Business: Favorite part of S&D is the friendships I've made and the loving support of our community of AWESOME women. I feel so grateful for these GIRL BOSSES who are paving the way for women in entrepreneurship and doing it with kindness and by supporting one another. SO AWESOME. I also really love the girl time I get each week at trunk shows which is SO needed after being at home with 3 kids all day.
3 Month Goal: 3 Month Goal is to continue to grow my team and help them reach their goals. I would also like to maintain AD and start working towards Director.

Karen Owczarski- Associate Director

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Hometown: McLean, VA

Start Date: Jan 20, 2014

Stats (an example would be mother of 2, previous realtor, love to decorate and garden):

Mother of 4 (two boys and two girls - ages 20, 18, 16 and 13) so two in college at UVA, one in high school and one in middle school. I work full-time as a trademark and copyright attorney, love to read and recently have gotten addicted to Barre classes at Bar Method :)

Fave Part of S&D Business: The INCREDIBLE supportive group of women I have met, the ability to earn extra income with 2 kids in college and 2 in Catholic school while having a lot of fun meeting women over wine and coffee. I also love the fact that I have gotten together with a bunch of my old friends because of Stella & Dot :). I also love the leadership and the training and Hoopla! I guess the answer is Everything! The bling too of course :) and my awesome pacing partners.

3 Month Goal: To hit AD or Star consistently and to coach my team members to be where they want to be with their business

Kathryn Alexander- Star Stylist

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Sure thing! Here you go :)

Hometown: Chesterfield, VA

Start Date: January 2012

Stats: Real Estate paralegal, bulldog mom, newlywed of almost 1 year. I love to read and workout at Crossfit with my husband!

Fave part of S&D: The amazing friends I have found as a result of S&D and the ability to work such a fun business on my terms. I cant wait to see what the future holds with Stella & Dot.

3 Month goal: Associate Director, help my team reach their goals and continually become a better coach!

Allison Lindley- Star Stylist

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Stefanie Raymond- Star Stylist

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Jessica Foy- Star Stylist

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Hometown – Moneta, Virginia
Start Date – June 2013
Stats – My husband and I love traveling and playing with our dogs. Also, I just opened my own real estate settlement agency!
Fave Part of S&D Business – By far my favorite part of this business is my wonderful team. They go above and beyond to encourage, support and cheer each other on. I am truly blessed by the friendships that have come from this adventure. Furthermore, this has been a difficult year for my family and Stella & Dot has been my happy place and a positive outlet!
3 Month Goal – I would love for our team to consistently hit star and sponsor several new ladies so that I can set my sights on AD sometime in 2016. I am also very much looking forward to my first ever trip to Hoopla this year!

Ashley Fairfull- Star Stylist

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Hometown: Waverly I'll

Start Date: 7-13-15

Full time office manager at a car dealership, part time hairstylist at my in home salon, mother of a soon to been 9 year old daughter. Love all things fashion, make up, and hair!

My favorite part of S&D is meeting new people and absolutely loving every part of this business!

My three month goal is to hit Associate Director!

Ashley Drissi- Star Sylist

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Morrisa Reynolds- Star Stylist

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Hometown: Chatham, IL

Start date: August 2nd - promoted to associate stylist and senior stylist in Jumpstart, Star in November

Stats: wife to Chet, mother of two (Paislee is 4, Knox is 2), Emergency Department/Trauma Clinical Pharmacist, loves antiques, home decor, and repurposing (follow me on IG @morrisareynolds )

Fave part: Swiping my blue card and never feeling guilty, adding to our family savings, helping other women do the same

3 month goal: Associate Director

Mary Oden- Star Stylist

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Name: Mary Oden Howell

Hometown: Charlottesville, VA.

First time promotion to Star Stylist in November

Start Date: Sept. 2015

Stats: Soon-to-be Pediatric nurse, Newlywed, love to box and dance

Fave Part of S&D business: The fellowship with the amazing community of women

3 Month Goal: To consistently hit Star or higher on a monthly basis and to help every member of my team promote!

Debbie Best- Star Stylist

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I am originally from Montreal, Quebec. I started in April 2010. I am a mother of three. I have worked as Certified Financial Planner with Merrill Lynch for the last 20 years, until mid August, and now am doing Stella & Dot full time. I love to travel and enjoy fashion and photography. I love the flexibility that Stella & Dot offers and the people. Three month goal - good question. I am still working on that one. I would like to help strengthen and support the team we already have with some local workshops and training. Then of course bring on more stylist and devote more time to personal service and follow up calls to clients. I want to be the first person they think of when they need a special gift or help them find an accessory to complete an outfit. I'd like to be their personal shopper, as it were, for their accessory wardrobe.

Courtnay Gilmore- Star Stylist

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Start Date: OCTOBER 29, 2014

margaret underhill- Star Stylist

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Ashley Murphy- Star Stylist

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Hi! I'm Ashley Murphy, a new Star Stylist from Lexington, SC.

Start Date: 6/2013

Stats: Wife to Mark, Mom to William (9), Doggie Mom to Tallulah

Full(ish) time pharmacist with a board certification in ambulatory care.

In my spare time I enjoy reading and knitting.

Fave part of business: The connections I've made with other women, and the reconnections I've made with old friends through trunk shows! I also love that Stella & Dot has totally boosted my self-confidence. There are so many things I would never have done before that I now have the courage and confidence to do.

3 Month Goal: Maintain STAR! Associate Director by Hoopla.

Kristen Hart- Star Stylist

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Claire Burrows- Star Stylist

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Hayley Bannister- Star Stylist

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Name: Hayley Bannister

Title: Star Stylist

Where you live: Chesterfield, VA

A little bit about your life: I am former high school English teacher, and I currently stay home with my two children, Ella (6) and Ryland (4). My kids keep me busy and I enjoy volunteering at both of their schools and with the high schoolers at our church. I have enjoyed adding more girls' nights to my schedule now that I am a stylist!

Why you decided to do Stella and Dot:

I love that adding beautiful accessories can really transform a blah outfit and a blah mood and make a woman feel fabulous and put together! I wanted to help all women feel beautiful, whether they were going to an office job or cleaning up spit up at home. I also loved the idea of having a business that was for me, would work around our family life, and would give me a chance to get out and meet new women and have some much needed girl time!

Cathleen Poland- Star Stylist

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Mary Levin- Star Stylist

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Name: Michelle O'Hara Levin (Mary on Stella & Dot stuff/legally)

Title: Star Stylist

Life: I am the mother of two active young boys and the wife of a often traveling but always lovely husband. I am a former teacher turned writer. My middle grade fiction book, Willa and the WhyNot, has been my writing focus for the past two years. Stella & Dot is my social, trackable job and it provides a nice balance to the isolation of writing!

Meghan Edwards- Star Stylist

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Meredith Sorkin- Star Stylist

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Hometown: Ann Arbor, MI
Start Date: October 2014
Stats: Mother of 2 girls and a social butterfly who loves spending time with friends and family. Lover of fashion, style and decor and could spend hours daydreaming about pictures I see on Pinterest!
Fave Part of S&D Business: The trunk show! I love seeing which pieces women ooh and ahh over! I leave the show feeling so lucky that I just got paid for doing something so fun!
3 Month Goal: RE-PROMOTE to STAR!

Fee free to use picture in my signature below!

kristen luna- Star Stylist

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Kristen Luna

I reside in McLean Va with my husband and four children ages 8, 17, 19,and 20yo. I am a NICU RN and love to spend time with my family and eat at great places! I love stella&dot for all that you can make it ! The flexibility, the income, the fun and the people inspire me!

I want to maintain STAR for a few months and then more!

Lauren Peterson- Star Stylist

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Ashley Jarden- Star Stylist

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Jessica Lash- Star Stylist

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juliana Rivera- Senior Stylist

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Victoria Batz- Senior Stylist

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Lindenhurst, NY
Start Date

Jan 2015

Stats (an example would be mother of 2, previous realtor, love to decorate and garden)

Wife of a volunteer fireman, mother of a 2 year old girl, previous fashion executive with Macy's

Fave Part of S&D Business

Flexibility and freedom to earn wherever and whenever!

3 Month Goal

Associate Director

Bonnie Van Etten- Senior Stylist

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Jenn Wallace Collins- Senior Stylist

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My hometown is North Wales, PA

Stats: I'm a mother of three (twin 5 year olds and 3 year old), I'm an artist, and also work as a painting instructor at a paint and sip studio,The Uncorked Artist

My fav part of the business: the flexibility- I get to stay home with the three kids during the day and work my business around that!

My 3 month goal- I'd love to make star and make enough money to consistently pay for our mortgage every month!

Elizabeth Bein- Senior Stylist

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Name: Liz Bein

Title: Star Stylist

A little bit about your life: I was born in New Jersey, and moved to Virginia to go to college at Longwood University. Right after graduation I started teaching in Chesterfield as a high school math teacher. I got married last year to my college sweetheart and we live outside of Richmond with our dog, Dixie.

Why you decided to do Stella and Dot: I joined this summer under the amazing Eileen Statts after I went to her launch party and then had my own. It was so much fun and I did not believe that I could actually make money doing something that did not feel like work! I originally signed up to see if I could make some extra cash (and the free jewelry was a bonus!). Now my goal is to promote to star this month, quit teaching eventually and make this my full time job!

Jennifer Evans- Senior Stylist

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Angela Kelley- Senior Stylist

I live in Golden, Colorado

My start date was June 2015

This is a first time promotion to Senior Stylist

I am a Mother of 2, Soccer coach in the Fall and Spring, previous Social Worker, love to hike, ski and spend time with family

My favorite part of S&D is always having the perfect accessories to wear and the flexibility of this business

My 3 month goal is to promote to Star Stylist

June Caffrey- Senior Stylist

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Ashley Wittler- Senior Stylist

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Associate Stylist

Erin Collins

Allison Trigg

Kendall Wipff

Kayla Berry

Kathryn DiCenso

Catherine Knudson

Taylor Miller

Lana Hoang

Deidre Feeney

Jennifer Berthon

Hee Ran Schoenhoff

Leslie Meadows

Courtney Nobles

Melissa Matt

Stephanie McTighe

Elizabeth Lindsey

Mary Giagola

Nancy Christiani

Traci Hurst-Morataya

Traci Korte

Katherine Hughes

Melanie Geisendorfer

Sarah Toppmeyer

Leah Wilke


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Elizabeth Smith 11,293

Mary Levin 8,815

Kim Jones 8,078

Jessa Helm 7,531

Kelly cox 6,087

Christine Swartz 5,846

Barbara Muehr- Ellis 5,646

Victoria Maiden 5,561

Hayley Bannister 5,284

Cathleen Poland 5,242

Top in Sales- November

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Barbara Muehr-Ellis 12,248

Kim Jones 11,770

Kathryn Larson 10,878

Felicia Kettler 10,777

Amy Ebberts 10,079

Kristen Hart 8,902

Loren Harrington 8,463

Charlotte Pottieger 8,357

Leslie Cumbow 8,319

Allison Lindley 8,202

Top 10 in Sponsoring- October

Jena Green

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Jessa Helm

Victoria Maiden

Kelly Cox

Elizabeth Smith

Barbara Muehr- Ellis

Kathryn Larson

Jessica Sigler

Victoria Batz

Melanie Geisendorfer

Top in Sponsoring- November

Charlotte Pottieger

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Amanda Pollice

Mary Oden

Victoria Maiden

Allison Lindley

Sylvia Malone

Amy Ebberts

Felicia Kettler

Ashley Ayers

Lauren Peterson

You all blow me away! Let's finish December strong, book up our January BEFORE the holidays and then enjoy a nice long break with your family and friends! What an amazing 2015. Can't wait to see what 2016 holds!
XO, Kelly
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