The Cheifs Are Awesome!

Here Are Some Reasons To Go To A Chiefs Game!

Here Are Some Benefits To go To A Chiefs Game!

What people need to know is that chiefs are 10.3. REASON 1! Its loud and you can be loud! acorrding to they say that chiefs are 10.3. I took a survey and 10 out of 23 students have been to a chiefs game. when I went it was loud I started to cheer the whole time! At the end the cheifs won it was the happiest moment of my life! and chiefs broke the record for loudest stadium. When they built it they dug a big hole in the ground.

Reason 2!

You can invite your friends. When I went I invited my uncle we had to get group tickets to bring him. At the end chiefs won. It was the best moment of my life! group tickets are tickets that allow a group of people to go. A lot of people do buy group tickets.

Reason 3!

you can get good seats and soda.When I went we got seats at the top the best seats are at the bottom section 102. We also got good soda it was coke it was the best coke I ever had you should get some coke there to! Section 102 is the closest to the field!

kc wolf

this is kc wolf the mascot of the chiefs

Arrowhead Stadium. Home of the Chiefs