Vienna News

The Assassin and the target

The events leading up

1914 in Austro-Hungarian Empire the Melting Pot of Religion and people from different Country's . It was on this very day that the archduke was Shot and killed with his Wife with him. It all started at the parade heading down Apple Quay were a Grenade was thrown and was attempted to kill the Archduke but missed and hit the Car behind them and blew up.
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The mysterious driver

After the Parade they headed over to the hospital so they could check on the wounded on the way there the driver had seemed to take a wrong turn in the event of trying to back up a man came out of a Cafe and shot 3 holes in the back of the car killing Archduke and the Mans Wife.
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the Aftermath

Gavrilo Princip was nearly halfway to end himself but one of the officers there took the gun away fro him. his gun he used was a 9-mm 380 ACP pistol browning model 1910. The other man who threw the grenade was trying to commit suicide but landed just fine and was captured. these men are serving a long time in prison for what they have done. this is Vienna news and we will see you tomorrow