Goddess of Hearth and Home; Goddess of Architecture

By Shelly Schnoor

Roman name is Vesta

Family Members

Her mother is Rhea.

Hestia's father is Cronus.

Hestia's brothers and sisters include Hera, Demeter, Poseidon, Hades and Zeus.

She has no husband or children.

Ten Fast Facts

1. Hestia never married because it was a full-time job to keep the home-fires burning. If the fire would go out, it would be considered a disaster.

2. Her strengths were remaining calm, being gentle and very supportive of family. She represented security and happiness.

3. Hestia was immune to the goddess Aphrodite.

5. She is the most admired and honored goddess and is universally loved by all.

6. Hestia presided over the meals to the gods & also received the first offering from each meal, since they required fire from the hearth.

7. She dressed modestly and usually wore a veil.

8. Hestia presided over family meals, as well as communal feasts and events.

9. She was the first child to be swallowed at birth by her father, and the last to be regurgitated. She is known as the oldest and youngest child of Cronos and Rhea.

10. Hestia never took part in wars or arguments.

What Can You Learn About Hestia?

Hestia - The Greek Goddess of the Hearth and Home

Why Did I Choose Hestia? How does Hestia Represent Me?

I chose Hestia as my goddess because she encompasses many attributes that I admire. She watched over the homes of others, along with the families. I feel I do this with my own family. I try to protect and keep them safe. Her personality is a lot like mine too. Hestia was considered a very calm and gentle person. I try to remain calm and feel I am gentle and caring towards others. She was at many community events and watched over family meals. I attend many community events as well, and try to enjoy meal times together with my family. Even though Hestia never married, and I am married, she had two men who pursued her, but chose a life of chastity. Sometimes it may be difficult not to get involved in arguments with others, but I also try to stray from that type of conflict. I believe Hestia and I have a lot of similar traits and commonalities. That is how she represents me and why I chose her as my Greek goddess.