The fountain of neptune

By drake morris

Fountain of neptune in France

The monument that I'm going to talk about today is the fountain of neptune. I have picked this monument because I have been facanated by the Greek and Roman times. It was interesting on what I found on this fountain.

The neptune fountain is very detailed. Jacques-Ange Gabriel slitley modified the pool area and in 1740, the sculpture was installed( The fountain has neptune emerging from the water riding horses. It has 99 water effects that compose an extraordinary spectacle.(

The history of the fountain of neptune. The artist that made the fountain was le Nortre. Le Nortre was born on March 12, 1613 and died on September 15, 1700. The neptune fountain symbolizes water.

Where and when the fountain was created and any other things I didn't mention. The fountain is located in France. It was created in 1679 and 1681. The neptune fountain is also called"pool below the dragon" or "fir tree pool". It is also located in provinces of Florence.

The fountain is very sarcred to to oplypian gods, and people should respect it.

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