Dylan Bartos

Completes His Washington State Legislature Page School

During each week of the legislative session, approximately 35 students ages 14 to 16 from across the state serve as legislative pages. Legislators sponsor the pages, who assist with the Legislature's work by making deliveries and performing other necessary tasks. Pages spend part of each day attending Page School. Page School is an opportunity for pages to learn about the Legislature's role, its process, and its participants.

The Page School is a joint program of the House and Senate and is housed in the Irv Newhouse Building on the Capitol Campus.

What did Dylan have to say about his experience?

One of the largest and most memorable experiences I gained while paging was the "mock" bill writing process. In page school we researched a topic we felt was relevant to the people of Washington and then wrote a bill on the subject. My bill was written on how early school start times are harmful to teenage learning and as such, school start times should be pushed back. The bill was then brought before a committee of peers and voted upon. The bill passed 12-1! In addition, Representative Liz Pike, also has a copy of the bill that I wrote and plans to introduce it. Whether or not the bill will even make it anywhere is a different story. Overall the entire process gave me a wonderful insight into how the law is written and how our legislature works.