My Fable Story

Niki Noland

Coulson and Fitz

One day Fitz the Penguin was swimming in Antarctica with his friend Coulson the Narwhale.

Fitz said to Coulson,”We need to go do something more exciting.”

“Why?” asked Coulson, “We have everything we need right here. Why would you want to leave?”

“I don’t know, but life here is boring and I want to live more adventurous.” Said Fitz

“Ok” said Coulson. So they swam north only stopping a few times until they reached South America

“This place is so cool!” said Fitz

“Cool? You mean hot, right?” said Coulson

“It is hot here but that’s ok!” They walled on to shore with some clothes they found lying under an umbrella. Little did they know but a creepy stalker was following them.

They danced until they could dance no more and sang until they could sing no more. Then they fell asleep on some park benches but woke up in an old saw mill, tied up on the convector belt slowly moving towards a fast moving saw. The creepy man was lurking in the shadows. Coulson got really mad at Fitz.

“If I would have never come here with you I wouldn’t be almost dead! Why? Why? Why? Do I always have to go along with your plans?!?”

“I’m so sor--------.” Started Fitz before he died

The End


My theme is, you can't always get something better.