Welcome to the country of Noodles

by Emily, Kyrenne, and Nicole

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Welcome to the Country of Noodles

Noodles is a medium-sized island that has hills, plains, fields, lakes and is surrounded by a ocean. We are a country of 1 million people. Our primary language is English but you must learn 3 other languages , you can only pick from the following (Japanese, Spanish, Italian, Russian, Portuguese, or French). Everyone is required to be in school till the age of 16 if chooses to drop out of school, you must get a job. At the age of 20 you must do a government act or deed such as joining the military, the firefighters or the police force, but you also can be a teacher or a doctor, etc. for 2 years females and males. If chosen to go to college you must pay a 100$ fee , after that your whole college experience is paid for except buying food or clothes. Everyone in our country receives free health care. The retirement age is 57 for both women and men. Everyone pays 50% of their salary taxes.

Six Freedoms

  1. My country has the Freedom to marry or to be with anyone you are happy with or choose to be with. No matter what race or gender.
  2. My country has the Freedom to believe in any belief of anything or anyone,
  3. My country has the Freedom of speech
  4. My country has the Freedom to be any race or religion and work anywhere or be anywhere and be treated equally
  5. My country has the Freedom to vote for whoever they want to lead them.
  6. My country has the Freedom of petition

Four things that are Illegal

  1. Inequality
  2. Murder
  3. Rape
  4. Driving under the age of 13

Type of Government

Representative Democracy. We chose Representative Democracy, because we think the citizens of our country deserve the right to pick/vote for who they want to lead them. Other types of governments didn't work out for us, because we wanted our citizens to have a lot of freedom and not any harsh type of government. We will let anyone who has achieved a well education and respects everyone as equal also has taken a presidential test to see if they are qualified to get a chance to lead the country if voted for.

Type of economy

Socialism, We picked Socialism because we want to be able to give our country a lot of things without needing to pay including free college education, free health care, free retirement, etc. We thought this type of economy was best for our country, because we want our citizens to have rights and make their own business, while we collect taxes and own business also.

System of Government

Federal, We have federal system of government because in our country we will split our power among our states, our leader, our government workers, and our law makers. We believe that spreading among the power to states and the leaders is a good idea so the citizen will feel like they have a little power themselves thus them being happy to stay in our country.

What are some fun things to do in your country?

We will host festivals for every religion/other country or state for people around the world get to celebrate their religion and where they come from.

We will also host parades for equality, new presidents, new citizens,etc.

In our country we will be able to host concerts and very fun events including singers, actors, and all types of entertainment, also we will make sure our country has business to create more fun attractions such as amusement parks.