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April 12, 2019

Announcements and Events

Reminder to MassBay Duel Enrollment students, there will be no classes next week due to April Vacation.

If you could donate blood and save a life would you do it? Come join Health Careers and Metro West Hospital for the blood drive on Tuesday April 30th from 8-1 in the auditorium. Sign up at lunch today. Any questions please call x323

Juniors and Seniors....Now is the time to buy your prom tickets. This week they are ONLY $55 each. Purchase them at all three lunches or in the main office after 12:30. Questions, see Ms. Petro or Mrs. Sullivan. Get them before the price increases on April 29!

Attention Seniors! We are now collecting the $20 for the cap and gowns, please bring it to the main office!

Keefe Tech Drama Club Presents: Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. A dramatization of the book by Roald Dahl by Richard George produced by special arrangement with DRAMATIC PUBLISHING of Woodstock, Illinois.

    • Show times in the Keefe Tech Auditorium:

      • Friday, May 3 at 7:00 p.m

      • Saturday, May 4 at 2:00 p.m.

      • Show runs 60-70 minutes. Tickets will be sold at door.

      • $5.00 adults. $2.00 children

Attention Seniors: Yearbooks for 2019 sales begin. If interested see Mr. Griffin in 205. Deposit $20 Total cost $60.

May 2019 Calendar

Senior Events!

Academic and Career and Tech Updates

Guest speaker in Legal and Protective Services!

Susan Walsh, a supervisor from Franklin FD Dispatch came in to talk to the 11th graders about dispatch and the educational and career opportunities in the Dispatch field.
Big picture

AP environmental Saturday prep session! Students did a biological oxygen demand lab.

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Big picture
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Yoga students hit the road!

The Keefe Tech yoga “B” Block attended a Yoga class lead by Roberta Weiner at the Prana Center located in Holliston. The students experienced a one hour class involving relaxation, yoga poses, and breathing exercises. The yoga classes would like to extend a thank you to Administration for their support.
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Big picture

Officer Ball visited Mrs. Cavicchio's 9th grade Health and Wellness classes to discuss Online Safety at the completion of the Domestic Violence unit.

Students were very engaged while the new KT resource officer delivered excellent advice. Thanks Officer Ball!
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Big picture

Ms. Locke’s class simulating the many phases of meiosis!

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Every Fitness students get into the ring!

The Keefe Tech Everyday Fitness “C” Block attended a class by gym owner Jared Sher (a Keefe Tech alum) at Bancroft Boxing Gym located in Framingham. The students experienced a one hour class involving cardio, muscular strength, muscular endurance, and flexibility. The Everyday Fitness class would like to extend a thank you to Administration for their support.
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School Counseling

Seniors who plan on attending a four year college after high school, the National Deadline to submit your admissions deposit is May 1st. Your admissions deposit secures your spot at the college you want to attend for the fall. If you have any questions, please see your guidance counselor

MassBay Spring Open House - Saturday, April 27 beginning at 9AM

College Admission Testing Deadlines:

SAT Date: May 4, 2019 - deadline to register is April 5, 2019 - late registration is April 24, 2019

SAT Date: June 1, 2019 - deadline to register it May 3, 2019 - last registration deadline is May 22, 2019

If you qualify for free/reduced lunch at Keefe Tech you can obtain a fee waiver for this exam from your School Counselor.

Go to the link below to register for the SAT:

ACT Date: June 8, 2019 - deadline to register is May 3, 2019 - late registration is May 20, 2019

Go to the link below to register for the ACT:

Student Activities

Congratulations NHS!

The Keefe Tech NHS was recognized for their participation in the state-wide initiative Adopt-a- Charity, which this year was Birthday Wishes (in Natick). The KT NHS collected batteries and created birthdays in a box for local homeless children and donated all supplies to the organization. (In the photo: Gabriel Sharon, Briae Hughes, Anna, Mason)
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KT Drama Club!

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Faculty/Staff Spotlight

Congratulations to Mr. Fogarty on being recognized for quality instruction and performance devoted to the promotion and expansion of welding skills and knowledge from the American Welding Society for District I! Mr. Fogarty receives the award below from Tom Ferri, Chairperson of the Keefe Tech Metal Fabrication Advisory Board.
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Student Spotlight

Dan Quackenbush - MAVA Outstanding Vocational Student of the Year!

Daniel Quackenbush, son of Steve and Alison Quackenbush of Framingham, is a talented senior in the Programming and Web Development Program at Keefe Regional Technical High School.

Daniel maintains a number of recent recognitions and accomplishments. Daniel ranks first in his graduating class, is a National Merit Scholarship semi-finalist and a John and Abigail Adams Scholarship recipient. His love of technology started early when he taught himself programming at the age of eleven. Dan has maintained this curiosity and is now proudly fluent in several programming languages. Notably, Dan was recently featured on CBS Boston for an App he developed, entitled “What the Fish?”. This App uses machine learning to help recreational fishers identify their catch from their photos and be informed of the local fishing regulations.

Additionally, Daniel is very active within our school community. He continues to participate in a number of activities, including Cross Country, Track and Field, National Honors Society, Skills USA and Business Professionals of America (BPA). In June of 2018, Daniel placed first for Computer Programming Concepts at the National Business Professionals of America (BPA) competition in Dallas, Texas and was awarded the District and State Level Gold Medal in Computer Programming for SkillsUSA. In September of 2018, Daniel was recognized as a semi-finalist at the National Network for Teaching Entrepreneurship (NFTE) competition in New York City where he presented his business plan for his “What the Fish?” App, previously mentioned. Daniel is planning to major in Computer Science next year.

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Term II High Honor and Honor Roll Recognition! Students are listed by grade level and town. Keep up the good work!

Hannah Ciniello 10 High Honor Roll Ashland

Bruna Mota 9 Honor Roll Ashland

Joshua Pereira 9 Honor Roll Ashland

Owen Riis 9 Honor Roll Ashland

Melinda Ssebbowa 9 Honor Roll Ashland

Skye Bradford 10 Honor Roll Ashland

Angelina Marchant-Duncan 10 Honor Roll Ashland

Noah Prince 10 Honor Roll Ashland

Juan Manuel Ramirez 10 Honor Roll Ashland

Unique Linnell 11 Honor Roll Ashland

Anna Mason 11 Honor Roll Ashland

Natalia Rivera 11 Honor Roll Ashland

Darlene Rodriguez 11 Honor Roll Ashland

Shauna Aarden 12 Honor Roll Ashland

Shaylee Carrasquillo 12 Honor Roll Ashland

Lucas DaSilva 12 Honor Roll Ashland

Maria Davila Guerra 12 Honor Roll Ashland

Hector Resto 12 Honor Roll Ashland

Bradford Shapleigh 12 Honor Roll Ashland

Hailton Silva 12 Honor Roll Ashland

Mia Ignoto 10 Honor Roll Blackstone

Priscillia Kunda 9 High Honor Roll Framingham

Darli Mazariegos Castillo 9 High Honor Roll Framingham

Stephanie Belalcazar Corrales 10 High Honor Roll Framingham

Gabriel Ferreira 10 High Honor Roll Framingham

Ariana Lourie 10 High Honor Roll Framingham

Nolan MacIver 10 High Honor Roll Framingham

Ruby Martinez 10 High Honor Roll Framingham

Ryan McCarthy 10 High Honor Roll Framingham

Crystal Soeiro 10 High Honor Roll Framingham

Emilie Avelar 11 High Honor Roll Framingham

Nicol Correa Acuna 11 High Honor Roll Framingham

Krystalie Garmendia 11 High Honor Roll Framingham

Jenna Lerminiaux 11 High Honor Roll Framingham

Sean Morrison 11 High Honor Roll Framingham

Jeferson Pineda 11 High Honor Roll Framingham

Ashley Sok 11 High Honor Roll Framingham

Ashley Soler Acosta 11 High Honor Roll Framingham

Jonathan Spalti 11 High Honor Roll Framingham

Carlyn Thoreson 11 High Honor Roll Framingham

Stephen Forde 12 High Honor Roll Framingham

Laendra Magalhaes 12 High Honor Roll Framingham

Daniel Quackenbush 12 High Honor Roll Framingham

Jeffrey Alvarez 9 Honor Roll Framingham

Jean Arana 9 Honor Roll Framingham

Ana Clara Barbalho 9 Honor Roll Framingham

Aiperi Bazaralieva 9 Honor Roll Framingham

Emily Caryl 9 Honor Roll Framingham

Christian Cuggino 9 Honor Roll Framingham

Edward Garcia 9 Honor Roll Framingham

Hannah Gilvarg 9 Honor Roll Framingham

Anthony Gomes 9 Honor Roll Framingham

Samuel Lavoie 9 Honor Roll Framingham

Edgar Martinez Rodriguez 9 Honor Roll Framingham

David Maude 9 Honor Roll Framingham

Abigail Mello 9 Honor Roll Framingham

Stephen Merino 9 Honor Roll Framingham

Jereniel Oliveras 9 Honor Roll Framingham

Logan Patria 9 Honor Roll Framingham

Daurys Reynoso 9 Honor Roll Framingham

Mitchell Rieder 9 Honor Roll Framingham

Evan Rosato 9 Honor Roll Framingham

Alaja Slaughter 9 Honor Roll Framingham

Elizabeth Smith 9 Honor Roll Framingham

Lily Sullivan 9 Honor Roll Framingham

Luis Valladares 9 Honor Roll Framingham

Tiffany Adams 10 Honor Roll Framingham

Edith Brickman 10 Honor Roll Framingham

Tyler Hill 10 Honor Roll Framingham

Alexandra Melendez 10 Honor Roll Framingham

Kiersten Miller 10 Honor Roll Framingham

Jordi Montanez 10 Honor Roll Framingham

Kathysha Nieves 10 Honor Roll Framingham

Ana Julia Oliveira 10 Honor Roll Framingham

Victoria Ortiz Colon 10 Honor Roll Framingham

Corde Rhodes 10 Honor Roll Framingham

Camila Santos 10 Honor Roll Framingham

Stephanie Santos 10 Honor Roll Framingham

Matthew Savino 10 Honor Roll Framingham

Dylan Schrag 10 Honor Roll Framingham

Sabrynna Souza 10 Honor Roll Framingham

Camila Trinidad 10 Honor Roll Framingham

Emily Valdez Donis 10 Honor Roll Framingham

Anthony Barbadora 11 Honor Roll Framingham

Nevaeh Castillo 11 Honor Roll Framingham

Aislinn Claffey 11 Honor Roll Framingham

Adriene de Jesus 11 Honor Roll Framingham

Carlos De Leon Cabrera 11 Honor Roll Framingham

Juliany Diaz Gonzalez 11 Honor Roll Framingham

Adam Eckenroth 11 Honor Roll Framingham

Aleysha Espinal Perez 11 Honor Roll Framingham

Vincent Giarla 11 Honor Roll Framingham

Nikolas Giombetti 11 Honor Roll Framingham

Amanda Lamberti 11 Honor Roll Framingham

Marcella Lopes 11 Honor Roll Framingham

Teresa Merino 11 Honor Roll Framingham

George Moutafis 11 Honor Roll Framingham

Joze Orellana-Vega 11 Honor Roll Framingham

Erika Parada Martinez 11 Honor Roll Framingham

Anthony Ratta 11 Honor Roll Framingham

Naiveliz Resto 11 Honor Roll Framingham

Samuel Rubin 11 Honor Roll Framingham

Heidi Sanchez 11 Honor Roll Framingham

Bryan Sosa 11 Honor Roll Framingham

Matthew Sostilio 11 Honor Roll Framingham

Robert Steele 11 Honor Roll Framingham

Kathleen Swanton 11 Honor Roll Framingham

Shade Bruce 12 Honor Roll Framingham

Enmanuel Capellan Urbaez 12 Honor Roll Framingham

Rose Casella 12 Honor Roll Framingham

Melony Contreras 12 Honor Roll Framingham

Matheus De Oliveira 12 Honor Roll Framingham

Keysi Fajardo 12 Honor Roll Framingham

Damian Guzman 12 Honor Roll Framingham

Tyler Jewell 12 Honor Roll Framingham

James Kalajian 12 Honor Roll Framingham

Samuel Llorens 12 Honor Roll Framingham

Jessika Matos Feliz 12 Honor Roll Framingham

Miguel Nin Rosario 12 Honor Roll Framingham

Nahielly Ramirez 12 Honor Roll Framingham

Isabella Maria Reis 12 Honor Roll Framingham

Zachary Rubin 12 Honor Roll Framingham

Anjeh Titafangmbung 12 Honor Roll Framingham

Sara Lagodimos 9 High Honor Roll Holliston

Vaansh Mansharamani 9 High Honor Roll Holliston

Alec Chan 10 High Honor Roll Holliston

Liberty Perron 10 High Honor Roll Holliston

Dylan Beckerman 12 High Honor Roll Holliston

Madison Foster 12 High Honor Roll Holliston

Jolene Ryan 12 High Honor Roll Holliston

Dylan Contreras 9 Honor Roll Holliston

Osgui Padilla Morales 9 Honor Roll Holliston

Zoe Rosen 9 Honor Roll Holliston

James Bender 10 Honor Roll Holliston

Sylvie Bielak 10 Honor Roll Holliston

Ryan Hunt 10 Honor Roll Holliston

Alanah Wills 10 Honor Roll Holliston

Ethan Ze'evi 10 Honor Roll Holliston

Jared Abusheery 11 Honor Roll Holliston

David Cahill 11 Honor Roll Holliston

Kobe Contreras 11 Honor Roll Holliston

Evelyn Foster 11 Honor Roll Holliston

James Kennally 11 Honor Roll Holliston

Brandon Paradie 11 Honor Roll Holliston

Morgan Reno 11 Honor Roll Holliston

Brendan Sellers 11 Honor Roll Holliston

Harrison Stevens 11 Honor Roll Holliston

Jay Birchler 12 Honor Roll Holliston

Stephen Chan 12 Honor Roll Holliston

Jake Shepard 9 High Honor Roll Hopkinton

Gabrielle Buentello 10 High Honor Roll Hopkinton

Juliet Jacobs 12 High Honor Roll Hopkinton

Michael Duffy 9 Honor Roll Hopkinton

Jeremy Fogarty 9 Honor Roll Hopkinton

Aidan Shepard 11 Honor Roll Hopkinton

Jacob Baker 10 Honor Roll Hudson

Skye Diaz 11 High Honor Roll Natick

Dylan Gaudet 11 High Honor Roll Natick

Gabriel Sharon 11 High Honor Roll Natick

Michael Lamont 9 Honor Roll Natick

James Starling 9 Honor Roll Natick

Selina Torrijos 9 Honor Roll Natick

Olivia Anderson 10 Honor Roll Natick

Michael Clifford 10 Honor Roll Natick

Brock Howatt 10 Honor Roll Natick

Peter Miller 10 Honor Roll Natick

Daniel Parker 10 Honor Roll Natick

Tyler Stinson 10 Honor Roll Natick

Charles Vabulas 10 Honor Roll Natick

Emily Bianco 11 Honor Roll Natick

Imaria Lee 11 Honor Roll Natick

Cal Marden 11 Honor Roll Natick

Caitlin Ryder 11 Honor Roll Natick

Nicole Dunajski 12 Honor Roll Natick

Andrew LeBlanc 12 Honor Roll Natick


Spring sports have begun! Get out there and support your KT Broncos. Game schedules can be found below using the link below under team details.

Parent/Guardian Resources

IPASS Parent Portal Sign-Up Information

Instructions for parents/guardians to sign-up to view student grades.

If you are in need of temporary food assistance please see information below about our partnership with Daniel's Table.

Housing Rehab Program for Framingham Residents

Program provides 0% payment deferred loans to can assist low- and moderate income Framingham homeowners to rehab their homes. If the residents stays in their unit for 20 years they don’t have to pay back the funds. Flyer is below.

Contact information:

Eliot Yaffa

Community Development Administrator

City of Framingham

150 Concord St., Suite B3

Framingham, MA 01702

P: (508) 532-5457

F: (508) 532-5739